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Ballpark Quiz: Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes has some thoughts on her MLBlog about stadium names, so your friendly neighborhood MLBlogwatcher came up with 10 questions to test your ballpark name knowledge. Answers are at the bottom of this post so beware the scroll:

1. What two parks are named for citrus companies?
2. What five parks are named for the inhabitants’ former owners?
3. What two park names have a marine (water) connotation?
4. What three parks have names synonymous with beer?
5. Which park’s name has the most text characters (including spaces)?
6. Which two parks were named for 1968 Democratic presidential candidates?
7. What park names have a variation of the beautiful word "America"?
8. How many National League parks do not include either the word "Field," "Park" or "Stadium" in the full name?
9. How many in the American League?
10. What nickname of a current park is the same as a former Blues Brother?

Breaking news: Inside the Dodgers was first to report that third baseman Bill Mueller will undergo arthroscopic surgery Monday in Phoenix, so four to six weeks optimum return time for Dodger fans. That also has a direct bearing on your All-Star Online Ballot in the tough choice at NL third base. How many of your allotted 25 votes have you used up? Remember to blog your vote this year!

MLBlogger of the Week: Listen now if you missed Dave Cadwell, proprietor of Mad Dog Reports, on our "Under the Lights" show last night on MLB Radio. All you have to do is click the drop-down menu in the Multimedia section of the homepage.

Dan Haren’s new MLBlog post: So what did you think of that one? Leave him a comment to wish him luck (or something) when he takes the hill Sunday at Yankee Stadium.

Retroblogging: Here’s an MLBlogs first: Red Sox Chick is liveblogging action from the past. Shall we call that retroblogging? In case you are following her description of the 1979 World Series DVD that she just bought, you can always visit Baseball’s Best at and find your own favorite classic moments from Major League history and blog about how it looks today.

One of the cool features of Baseball’s Best is the Clickable Line Score. If you are looking at Big Mac’s 62nd-homer game, you can just click the bottom of the fourth inning and look for the second A-B off Steve Trachsel. If you want to see the clinching Game 7 of that 1979 Pirates title, you can click on the top of the 10th to see Dave Parker’s hit.

Ballpark Quiz Answers are coming up so beware if you are scrolling…

Ballpark Quiz Answers are almost here…

Ballpark Quiz Answers are right below this line:

1. Minute Maid Park and Tropicana Field.

2. Busch Stadium, Jacobs Field, Kauffman Stadium, Turner Field and Wrigley Field. (Bill Shea was a New York lawyer who led efforts to bring another MLB team to the city.)

3. Dolphin Stadium and Fenway Park. According to Merriam Webster, "fen" is "low land covered wholly or partly with water unless artificially drained". The Fenway District of Boston (like much of the rest of Boston) used to be either marshes or underwater entirely until it was either filled in or drained. Not counting Petco Park even though Petco sells pet fish…a dolphin just says "water."

4. Busch Stadium, Coors Field, Miller Park.

5. Longest is Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, with 34 characters. It would be a lot longer if they spelled out "Fitzgerald." Second is Ameriquest Field in Arlington, with 29. Third is Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, with 28. Fourth is Oriole Park at Camden Yards, with 27. Fifth is Great American Ball Park, with 24.

6. Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium and the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. The former was assassinated after delivering a speech celebrating his 1968 Democratic primary victory in California, and the latter was lost the 1968 presidential election to Richard Nixon. Ironically, the Twins were previously the Washington Senators and moved to Minnesota in 1961, and today the former Washington team plays in a park named in Humphrey’s honor while the new Washington team plays in the park named in RFK’s honor. If the Twins and Nationals ever meet in a World Series before they move on to new ballparks, there’s a little trivia.

7. Ameriquest Field, AT&T Park (American Telephone and Telegraph), Comerica Park and Great American Ball Park. (That’s not counting U.S. Cellular Field, initials of which stem from the origin pronoun "United States of America")

8. None.

9. Three: McAfee Coliseum, Metrodome and Rogers Centre.

10. The Jake.


Great quiz. Much fun.

Mark, I think it’s pretty much official – Tiffany and I will be live-blogging the Saturday, May 20th Cardinals-Royals game. Of course, there’s some time to go and plans may change, but that’s where we’re standing right now. She’ll be doing the Cardinals and I’ll be doing the Royals. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Because the Royals are battling it. If you’ve read anything from my site, you know where I’m going with Mark’s War… I can’t wait. I’ll even design the graphic for you, if you let me.


Haha I’ll liveblog the Royal’s side… that’d be a lot of fun. I’m serious.


I’m still laughing at John’s comment! That’s great. Anyway, Mark, I was wondering if you could give me some tips on live-blogging. Since I have to watch the game from my computer anyway, I would love to try to it, but I’m not sure of the best way to go about it. Does there seem to be a consensus from other mlbloggers? Also, once I figure out the way I will do it, if any fans from upcoming opponents would like to liveblog at the same time, let me know. (Diamondbacks, Mets, Royals, Giants are the next 4 teams we play.)


Alert readers have saved me before. Just a couple days ago, Kellia pointed out that I had Ben Sheets pitching for the Pirates, which was erroneous. It was silly.

Anyway, I’ve added a chat box at BHGM, kind of like a little forum. Check it out, it’s nice.


Thanks for the catch, fixed at 5:43 pm ET Saturday for full disclosure. You guys are sharp.🙂


‘…If you are looking at Big Mac’s 62-homer game…’

Big Mac hit 62 homers in one game?!

I know he was good – but come on…!!! LOL!


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