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MaddogThe MLBlogger of the Week series continues at 10:20 ET tonight on the MLB Radio "Under the Lights" show, and this week’s guest is none other than the Mad Dog. That’s Dave Cadwell, the Yankees blogger who probably has left a comment on your blog updating you on his latest post. Hey, you have to be one part marketer if you’re going to be a big-time blogger in 2006.

You can listen to him tonight or listen to the replay of his or any previous MLBlogger of the Week appearances by clicking the drop-down menu under the Multimedia section of the homepage, and email us if you are interested in appearing on one of the upcoming Friday shows to talk some baseball and promote your MLBlog. If you shoot an email, you might as well also add your responses to those Nine Questions that other Spheroids have handled and also be profiled here so the MLBlogosphere knows more about you and your blog.

Here’s something else from MLB Radio you might want to get involved with >

Am skimming through Michael Seidel’s book "Streak" about Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game run that started 65 seasons ago. The Yankee Clipper was pressing in a bad way right about now before that historic Summer of ’41, hitting .194 over a 20-game sequence leading up to the start. So if you have a favorite player who is scuffling right now, you never know what can happen next. DiMaggio said of that slump before the storm: "There is always a remedy. Time and confidence." Words to remember.

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Just wondering. I answered those 9 Questions about two weeks ago. When can I look forward to a profile

Carl The Cabbie

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