Finding the perfect Mother’s Day blog

That headline says it all. This weekend, we’re like a shopper in the Hallmark aisles looking for just the right Mother’s Day card. You are invited to leave a comment here for others if you save a Mother’s Day post, and please see the homepage to see who’s kicking things off. It starts with Dan Haren, who’s in the Bronx this weekend to pitch on Mother’s Day against the Bombers and just blogged about his Mom (and an upcoming start against Barry) while in the Big Apple.

Mad Dog is on the air at 10:20 pm ET on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights" show as our MLBlogger of the Week. You can tune in by going to the homepage.

Please leave a welcome comment for a new Blue Jays MLBlogger, who starts off with some memories from old Exhibition Stadium. That was a lot of wins ago for Bobby Cox…

If you don’t know Sapna Pathak, please say hello on her Red Sox MLBlog. She helps us make the official Minor League Baseball site a great one, and I just checked and her MLBlog was one of four created on our very first day of blogdom. Tommy Lasorda’s was first, and also created that day were MLBlogs for MLB groundskeeper Murray Cook and’s Jonathan Mayo (who now teams with Lisa Winston on ATM: He Said, She Said).

And John at Wrightaholics is liveblogging tonight! Check in, and liveblog against him if your team is playing the Mets! BTW, please make sure you leave your MLBlog’s URL under your name if you leave a comment here, so people can find you.

10:56 pm ET Friday update: Just found this post at A New Pirates Generation, in response to the package we featured earlier today about Aaron Rowand’s catch and best defensive plays of all-time. Good stuff, and the personal nod here goes to any 10 or 20 Ozzie Smith plays you can think of. The Cardinals’ media guide used to feature an entire section of Ozzie’s own favorite plays he had made — I’ll go with Ozzie diving up the middle for a ball and then reaching up at the last minute to snag it over his head. Rowand’s was memorable because of the pain on the gain, but for 2006, Tadahito Iguchi is still the Play of the Year top candidate in this book.

Here is the still-life representation of Ozzie’s play below. No one will ever beat a statue.



Hey Mark,
I just got my Mother’s Day piece in. It’s nothing special, just a Top 5 list of why my mom is the greatest. Check it out.


Jack, if you have any questions about Draft/prospects/Minors, the place to comment is ATM: He Said, She Said. That’s Jonathan Mayo and Lisa Winston, and they’re our Draft experts at They’ll be happy to help with any questions like that. URL is:


I realize this isn’t you, but MLBlogs is a nice place to speak with someone who actually works for…

I was looking at the 2006 Draft order and shouldn’t the #62 overall pick belong to the METS and not the Yankees?

The Mets gave up #18 for Wagner, but he was their only free agent signing who was offered arbitration.


We’ll see. She’s going to need some major convincing.


That would be Cyn-sational!



Whoops…I need to read directions better, eh?

I think I’m going to try and convince my mother to do a blog entry on my blog for Sunday.

She’s a little shy, so it might take some coaxing – but she’s a huge fan of MLBlogs, so she might get a kick out of it!

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