MLBlogs Trick Pic

OK, here comes your chance again to be featured in the Sweet Spot on the MLBlogs.comhomepage. No one correctly guessed the answer when we posted the first
MLBlogs Trick Pic here this past week, so we’re going to try again. If
you are the first person to post the correct URL for the following
photo that is stolen from a random MLBlogs Photo Album, then your blog
will be displayed front and center with that 466×200-pixel graphic.
That page is linked from, 30 club sites, and more places, so another golden traffic opportunity for blogging. (If it’s stolen from your own Photo Album, then you are ineligible for this one.)


Meanwhile around baseball, Junior’s back
(link updated 1:31 am ET Friday to reflect Ashlee’s post from attending the game) and so is your friendly neighborhood MLBlogosphere watcher. Someone
should start a taterblog. Every day there is something amazing to blog
about with regards to home runs, like the one people are still talking
about from Alfonso Soriano. And MC Hammer just blogged again about Barry. Check out Hammer’s new Photo Album, too.

For Love of the Astros just liveblogged, and please be sure to join our favorite Syracuse grad student and maybe take her up on her offer to go head-to-head in a future liveblog — especially if you’re a Cards blogger. Please leave any comments here at any time with your own liveblogging plans so we can try to promote accordingly…those are too good to miss!

Speaking of Cards bloggers: Welcome back to Tiffany of Party Like It’s 1982.


Reid, very busy day and wasn’t sure of the play as that link actually had been removed due to the video-removal issue you’d raised. But in any event, you would want to look in our Top Plays Archives or in Baseball’s Best perhaps…should be able to find it on the appropriate club site.


Mark, I just noticed that you plugged me with the Greatest Play of all Time link. I’m amazed that you remembered that post, it’s about a 4 months old haha. Anyway, took down the video of the play, but I know they have it on stream somewhere… anyway you can direct me to that video so I can link to it?


“Meanwhile around baseball, Junior’s back…”

You weren’t lying. Walk-off 3-run homer! …and an amazing sight to behold live and in person, I might add.

Congrats to Tiffany, and Reid that’s a good find, too — especially since you’re not actually a “Cards blogger.” Didn’t think anyone would recognize the field…but the goal was to make this one easier than the last pixelated/crystallized shot!






But I see Tiffany just got it… I was gonna say, I could tell it was New Busch right away, so I just went through the Cardinals albums haha.



I didn’t even have to try for this one.🙂 I knew it was a Cardinals player right away. Most of my fellow Redbird bloggers haven’t posted a photo album that recently, so I found it after a 30 second search.

The funny thing though about this is that I came here after I just posted a couple of minutes ago, where I mentioned that I hadn’t been featured in awhile (because I’ve been gone and hadn’t been posting), and that I was hoping to be soon. Weird.


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