Wednesday Update

Happy to have MC Hammer here in the MLBlogosphere for his official baseball blog, and it looks like Rob has gotten the comments started on Hammer’s latest post about Barry Bonds’ climb up the home run charts. Please light up the comments there, unless for some reason you don’t remember that this is a major entertainment name — and a former Oakland A’s batboy during their 1970s dynasty — in our midst. A new Photo Album also has just been added to his MLBlog. MLBloggers Don’t Hurt Him!

Here’s another blog about Barry . . .

Recently I shared some Traffic Tips
for MLBloggers (and thanks for the comments that are also worth reading
if you are new here). No. 5 on that list continues to be a great
method. Liveblog! And don’t just liveblog, but get the word out in the
preceding 24 hours that you are going to liveblog. Post it as a comment
here, and invite an MLBlogger from the team your own team is playing to
liveblog against you. The sweet spot on the homepage was
dedicated all last night and until noon today to the liveblogging
between Jason and Cyn,
and you can see from the number of comments on their posts that a lot
of people are visiting. It might be an intense way to follow a game,
but once in a while it also might be a way to pump up the traffic
volume. Try it and remember to tell everyone about it here on the
community blog.

On this Hump Day, please turn your attention to the ultimate hump on any baseball field — the pitcher’s mound! Murray Cook is Major League Baseball’s groundskeeper emeritus and he just blogged about what it takes to build a pitcher’s mound. Very insightful stuff from the MLBlogger with the greenest thumb.

White Sox VP/Communications Scott Reifert continues to hit one home run after another in the Sphere. His latest post on Inside the White Sox takes you inside Ozzie Guillen’s office five hours before a game. You absolutely cannot find the kind of access that an MLBlog like Scott’s provides on a regular basis anywhere else in the traditional media. It has also been the definitive place to find out about Jose Contreras’ status all week.

Chapter Three – Second Inning. It’s now posted at The King’s Game.

We’ll be on the lookout for any special blogging about Moms for this weekend. Please post a comment here if you blog about Mother’s Day.


Hammer got some run on today for his latest post. Deadspin is the 10,000 most-visited website on the web, according to I made it on there once and it brought me a few hundred hits. Anyway, at least Hammer is being read.

“Hammer wants to talk to Barry’s Mom”


I posted on my site some thoughts from mlb players on mom’s day that people might enjoy reading. Thanks.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Your truly “Maddog Reports” will be live and exclusive on MLB tomorrow night (Friday) at 10.20pm est.. to spout his usual Yankee garbage.. Please, everyone come and join me, and Keith McCarthy, as I crash and burn live on a world-wide broadcast. Should be fun



Mark –
I think there are a lot of readers out there who don’t leave comments because they don’t want to sign up for an MLB account. For my own blog, I was wondering if it would be alright for me to establish a new MLB account and publish the password so that readers who aren’t willing to make their own (for fear of spam, etc,) can still leave comments. Would you be cool with that?


Following A-Rods and Jorge’s blasts, it was carnival atmosphere.. Relief ascended into the dark, New York, night sky… Songs and chants of various types, echoed around the hallowed arena.. It was a magical, wonderful, awesome feeling. One like you haven’t felt, since receiving something precious as a child from a grandparent..


I live-blogged tonight’s (last night’s) game. By default. I was just trying to keep myself calm and just kept posting as an alternative to throwing things or rocking back and forth and groaning. That being said, it was a lot of fun, and I hope to do it again soon… If any blogger whose team is opposing the Astros within the next couple of weeks wants to do the liveblogging thing, I’m totally game. Especially for the St. Louis / Houston series at the end of May. Just thought this might be the most efficient way to advertise. Mark, thanks as always for your suggestions.


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