The final word on no-hitters

Out of all the emails I received about the no-hitter story that has been on the homepage today, I thought this one deserved to be shared here, with permission granted by the reader:

    So I guess that means the no-hitter Brandon Webb pitched opening day
against the Rockies on my 2k6 baseball game on my xbox 360 doesn’t

    Jarrod Lyman

That’s an MLBlogger waiting to happen.


Comments from Mark on Baseball and the Boogie Down Bronx’s blog:
“8:31 was my favorite”

(8:31 reads: GO AWAY ARIELLE!! You’re bad luck.)

Haha. It’s my favorite too. As nice as I normally am to Yankees fans, I gotta stick it to them at some point.


I don’t believe in jinxes and just disproved it by writing about it a month ago and the milestone still occurring in spite of that…

The only issue would be if guys in a dugout start talking to a pitcher about how it feels having a no-hitter, as obviously you change your mindset if you think about such an event.

I haven’t had a chance to read the article, but I did see the headline. And I got to thinking that it seems like everytime a pitcher gets into the 5th with a no-no, I see that fact plugged the Such games are also talked about more freely by the broadcasters than they used to be.

You’re not supposed to talk about No-No’s in progress!

Could this be at least part of the explanation for the drought: the media is jinxing these games?


That guy is using the wrong pitcher… If you want a perfect game – perfect game! – just use Roy Halladay in MVP 04, or Tim Hudson. My man… remember when Mussina lost a perfect game with 2 outs in the ninth? I had the exact same thing happen to him in MVP, I was pissed.


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