What would you guys like to see next in what has become a series at MLB.com?

Ode to the baseball
Ode to the hot dog
Ode to the baseball jersey



Ode to the Designated Hitter (may it soon be permanently retired so that everyone can get back to REAL baseball)

I’ll have to find links to articles I have written in the past about the evolution of the baseball cap and jerseys. I appreciate the thoughts…ideas make you think of other ideas, too. You guys are awesome, thanks.


I vote Baseball Jerseys.

Anyone who wants to see the current Red Sox Hitters CAREER BATTING RECORDS Vs. Randy Johnson come to ‘Inside Pitch’


I vote for Ode to the Ballpark. I just love walking up the ramp from the underbellies of Fenway to see a huge green lawn with my favorite ballplayers and favorite smells revealed before my eyes. It’s the best feeling in the world.
And let it be known, Fenway Franks are soooo much better than Yankee Dogs. Just look at the alliteration!🙂

By the way, when I saw ” No-no drought longest since WW II” on mlb.com today, I knew exactly who’s name was on the byline. Can’t say I didn’t see that one coming.



You shouldn’t do an ode to the seat. You shouldn’t be in your seat, you should be on your feet. Hey, that rhymes… I’m still sticking with my Ode to the Ballpark. If you don’t do it Mark, I will.



Oddibe! That’s a great one, Diane. Zack, I think foot-longs are exempt from the seven-bite rule — I was actually researching for a book I intend to write called The Ballpark Dog Diet (don’t laugh, I’m serious). Edward, I need to see more replays first.

Two strong candidates here:

– Seventh Inning Stretch

– Ballparks

Am thinking of being more specific as an Ode to the Seat. Have always wanted to do that…the leader in the clubhouse so far. Hey, Ode to the Clubhouse…

The bat is also a strong possibility. A couple of recent books on gloves make that one a little less likely, and we just did a great story (Jim Street) on the history of the batting helmet.

Keep ’em coming!


How about an ode to the umpire? (Just not to Angel Hernandez after that dreadful call at the plate Sunday against the Mets! lol)


Ode to the ballpark? Am I missing something, or is that too obvious?



How about Oddibe McDowell?

But seriously, an ode to any of the following would be nice:

1) The 7th-inning stretch

2) Banner Day

3) Mascots

LOVE the hot dog story, but I object to the no-ketchup-over-18 rule. And only seven bites for a footlong? C’mon. That’s not fair. I’ve been to 40 Major League stadiums and eaten a hot dog at most of them. My favorite was from SkyDome, back in the early 90s. Not sure if those vendors outside the ballpark are still there with the same dogs, but man, those were goooood.

As for the next ode, how about something on bunting? Is that too specific?


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