Monday in the MLBlogosphere

First of all, what
happened to Dilbert
? This is how it works when you are immersed in baseball
and nothing else. You read Matthew
Leach’s blog
and follow his cool links, and someone there has a cool link
to Dilbert, and suddenly you find out Dilbert is looking for work.

OK, back to baseball. Thanks to everyone who has been commenting on the last
entry about blog names. No one came up with the answer to the First MLBlog
Trick Pic, so here you go: That pixelated/crystallized image (at the top of
this MLBlog’s last post) was stolen from the Photo Album of recent Spheroid Royals
. Nice shot he took of Doug Mientkiewicz.

Our friend Chef Bob at Deep Fried Fish
had inquired about the possibly of contests/prizes here at MLBlogs. So
the thinking was that we raid someone’s Photo Album here once a week, and make
everyone go find the obscured image. The first person to comment here with the
correct URL would have their very own Big Time Promo on the MLBlogs homepage.
So either there was too much pixelating/crystallizing happening, or not many
people want their very own Big Time Promo, or everyone was reading Dilbert.
Open to suggestions, as it was still arguably the best idea in the history of
the Internet (or not very good). . . .

There is word over at Red
Sox Chick
that Cyn and Jason of Baseball & The Boogie Down
might have a go at liveblogging the renewal of The Rivalry Tuesday
night at Chez Babe. Anyone else live blogging that one? Let us know here
anytime you all are liveblogging, and we’ll do our best to spotlight it so
people can follow along. While that series will have all the attendant hype
imaginable, someone might wanna liveblog Mets
at Phillies
. What a huge series, and with Billy Wagner coming back to CBP on top of everything else.

Thanks to Cory at the new MLBlog called A New Pirates Generation, for
changing his blog’s name to something that fits in our promo spaces. And
speaking of the Pirates, did anyone come up with the answer to Bruce
Markusen’s question
about which player on the 1971 world champs was married
during that regular season? Congrats to our friend Bruce on publication of his
new book, too.

Time for a pulse check of the season over at Baseball
, and’s Jesse Sanchez has a good perspective on Mark
worth checking out.

Happy blogging . . .


I did a live blog last week but hers was better..

I like the scavenger hunt idea. Good stuff.

Dogbert made a billion in real estate, bought Dilbert’s company and fired Dilbert.


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