Sunday in the MLBlogosphere

First a little housekeeping: We’ve updated Zack’s description in the MLBlogs Active Roster list to change it from "more than 2,700 baseballs" to "more than 2,800 baseballs." And maybe you noticed that photo his Dad took at Shea, showing our own Baseball Collector on the jumbo screen.

Found this post about MLBlogs in a Technorati search. Please leave comments with links here anytime you see discussion about MLBlogs out in the blogosphere, as we continue to grow this.

Josh Rawitch posted some great photos of celebs at Chavez Ravine in the club’s blog, Inside the Dodgers. Larry Shenk has been providing good behind-the-scenes blog fare at Baron’s Corner during this much-anticipated Giants-Phillies series, which continues with the Sunday night game. And take a look at that photo a fan sent White Sox VP Scott Reifert from The Netherlands.

We should have asked Matt Underwood to send some King Crab Legs this way . . .

Welcome to the MLBlogosphere: A true Tyler Buchholz fan and a transplanted Dodger fan in Australia. 5:06 pm ET update: The longest title for an MLBlog has just been established: "Losing the 1992 NLCS Was The Undoing Of The Pirates."–John Smoltz, Bonds on Bonds (wow, had to use Notepad just to copy the text on that one). Busy day on the Rookies list on!

We paid homage to Willie Mays yesterday on his 75th birthday, and Some Ballyard has added his birthday wish for the Say-Hey Kid.

Joe Boesch of Dugout Diary was our MLBlogger of the Week on the MLB Radio show "Under the Lights" Friday night with host Pete McCarthy, and you can hear Joe’s appearance by clicking on the drop-down menu under the Multimedia heading on the homepage. Joe was actually in our Manhattan studios so it also was simulcast in video, and we’ll try to make that version of the clip available as well. Email us if you’d like to be a Friday night guest on the show by phone from wherever you are, to talk some baseball and promote your blog. Just another reason to put your blog in the big leagues . . .

Kellia of Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes has a call-out for a new poll on her MLBlog. Even better, just email Jim Leyritz and Vinny Micucci on our Baseball Today show and see what they think of that poll question.

There should be a run on Padre blogs anytime now . . .

Here are some Recently Updated Photo Albums:


Thanks for updating the Snag-O-Meter.

Yeah, we figured you were slacking pretty bad on that one. j/k Looking forward to your album! We may use one of the pics as a “Trick Pic” with the new brainstorm for an MLBlogs weekly contest (see my comment in most recent post).


Let it be known that I’m “working” on my photo album from Thursday’s Red Sox game. The only problem is that a photo album entails making captions for each picture, and since I am lazy and have 80 pictures that I may have accidentally deleted, I’m a little slow on it. That’s probably sure to change tomorrow though when I’ll have homework to procrastinate doing. Keep your eye out.


You just plugged yourself! Would recommend you always put your MLBlog URL ( at the bottom of comments you leave around the MLBlogosphere…see traffic tips below. Make that blog sing! 🙂


I might be the only Orioles guy on here… how about a plug🙂

Orioles Insider

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