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Fortunately, everyone changes that default blog name above when they first sign up for an MLBlog. Then you’re faced with the big decision, something that will identify you to everyone here and around the blogosphere in search results and links. The question(s) I’d like to pose here is: What are your favorite blog names here and around the blogosphere, and what was the thinking behind your own?

Was just wondering that while surfing around blogdom tonight while waiting for Barry’s home run to finally come down off the McDonald’s sign. It was prompted by a few things, (a) Red Sox Chick talking about Sox Sistahs Speak, (b) David Wright saying he has just about decided on a new blog name but needs a little more time, and (c) our newest Pirates MLBlogger here who launched today with the delicately named "Losing the 1992 NLCS Was The Undoing Of The Pirates."–John Smoltz, Bonds on Bonds.

There are some amazingly funny blog names, which you would expect with latest estimates at more than 16 million blogs created. There was Ouchmytoe, and there was This Blog Is Full Of ****. ("Parc" backwards, as it gets asterisked.) There was one called Blah Blah Freaking Blah. There are some like Wonkette or DA BRONX BOMBERS that you can’t ever imagine being named anything else. And where does Bad Boy really come from, anyway? Leave a comment on Reds broadcaster Steve Stewart’s (impressive) MLBlog and ask him that one.

We met with the founder of the new blog search firm Sphere recently, and highly recommend their cutting-edge algorithms. Try searching for "MLBlogs" and see if you show up in the results. Many times the name of the blog is what pulls you in. According to a highly scientific joint study we commissioned with MIT and Cal Tech, sometime in April 2008 we are projected to finally run out of every last possible baseball term to use in an MLBlog name. (Not really; Daddy Raised A Cardinals Fan will keep defining more of them for you!) You can see most of them in the MLBlogs Active Roster on the homepage.

As you probably know by now, Tommy Lasorda’s World was the first MLBlog ever created. It turns out that "world" is one of the 10 most commonly used words in blog titles. We kinda like Haren’s Heat, and so did Dan, who says in his latest post that he’s keeping it. Obviously You’re Not a Golfer is a blog name that challenges you. With a name like Victor, it just makes sense to call your MLBlog The Spoils. Some people can get away with simply using their name, like Seth Godin, and there can only be one Blog Maverick. So what are your favorite blog names, and what was the thinking behind yours? Please comment with your thoughts, here or outside the MLBlogosphere.

By the way, saw this blog while surfing and nice to see the author’s recommendation of MLBlogs…as well as the kudos to Tom of The Coors Effect for a graduation.


If there’s technology that would allow me to spend less time in a car with the car
transportation company car transport that takes care of their vehicles, because vehicle is a
valuable asset and needs proper maintenance.

Ash, that was a perfect blog name — that call is known far and wide. BTW, tell your friend Red Hot Mama we like her blog a lot . . . but to give MLBlogs some love. Saw a recent post by her in a Technorati search hammering us for basically not being responsive to users/fans. Quite the opposite, it’s all we care about and trying our best to do something special here for MLB fans, including providing prominent links on homepage and every club site. Blogs are one of the best things to happen to baseball. In fact, Red Hot Mama should start an MLBlog as a promotional tool for her own very enjoyable blog.


Thanks for the heads up on the feature of my blog’s name in the photo!
Reds fans and 700 WLW listeners will immediately recognize the origin of “…and this one belongs to the Reds.” It’s the call Hall of Famer Marty Brennaman makes whenever the Reds win a game.

I love it, and so I borrowed it, but I made sure to add quotation marks to give credit where credit is due.😉

My favorite MLBlog name: Diane’s “Diamonds are for Humor”

‘Some Ballyard’ elegantly ties in Ruth(it’s Babe’s quote,circa 1923)with the timeless,shared experience of walking into ballparks and listening,seeing, smelling. It’s an evocative title – and my overall favorite.

“Rays Across The Pond’ also has a lovely lilt to it and the guttural staccato of ‘JPSchmack’ reflects that blogger’s funny, in your face, NYC ‘tude perfectly.

//I think Mike Sweeney has watched “American Graffiti” one too many times.//

LOL. That’s a home run, Cyn.

The man, the legend, the blogmaster has been added. Mercury Milan photo will go up in your honor sometime this week.


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes is the perfect abbreviation for it. But you’ve always known that. When space is an issue, that’s the way it should go.


So no one has found the identity of our first MLBlogs Trick Pic yet. It doesn’t sound like this is going to fly as a weekly contest here as you all are probably too busy to be treasure hunting around here. Do you know the URL of the image used above, taken from an MLBlogger’s Photo Album? We’ll narrow it down one more time before giving it away: AL Central.

I think Mike Sweeney has watched “American Graffiti” one too many times.

Thanks, Kellia — had to shorten yours to squeeze it into that graphic above! You definitely were first to have an active player in an MBLlog title (Tommy and Brooks would be “former players”), and there haven’t been many since. Kyle Farnsworth was one, as noted above. I had to give this some thought, and indeed even then-Royals pitcher Brian Anderson didn’t have his name in his blog: Confessions of a Left-hander. (Still one of the best blog names ever.) Here’s another FORMER player who was in an MLBlog name in our early going, that some here will recall: “Sons of Hector Villanueva.” That was our first Cubs MLBlog.

Some Favorite Blog Names (by no means a comprehensive list): Kyle Farnsworth is My Bodyguard; Deep Fried Fish; Daddy Raised a Cardinals Fan; DiamondHacks; Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer, and Some Ballyard.

I was one of many who recommended to Dan Haren that he keep Haren’s Heat.

And obviously, I like my blog name also. The full title is Down the Left Field Line: Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes.

I have two raglan (baseball style) shirts, one in Baltimore colors and one in Arizona colors, designed especially for me by a graphic artist friend, that have the title and URL on them.

I think I was the first MLBlogger to put the name of an active player in the title.

The Down The Left Field Line part refers to three things: 1) Byrnesie was playing left field when I started the blog in August 2005. (He’s now back to his natural position at CF, which is very exciting). 2) Byrnesie is a right-handed hitter who pulls many of his well-known doubles (8 now this year) “down the left field line”. (Though I’m glad to see he is using more of the field this year). 3) Politically, I am proud to be a leftist and while I try to keep politics out of the blog, there is a link from the blog to my journalism site, where my politics are obvious. And every now and then, politics shows up in baseball, e.g. the U.S. gov’t’s attempt to keep Cuba out of the WBC. So my politics are and will be obvious in a few of my entries.

While the much underestimated and underappreciated Eric Byrnes is my favorite topic, I never intended for the blog to be solely a fan shrine to one player. So “Baseball” is part of the title, to denote the fact that I discuss other baseball topics and players, e.g. what I wrote about the World Series, my opinions on the position of “closer”, and the clutchness of Pujols and Ortiz.

Baseball is at once our “National Pastime,” i.e. our escape from the cares of the everyday world, and a part of that everyday world itself. The word “Life” appears in my title to denote the other things that are a part of and apart from the game between the white lines and the people who play it. Whether it’s birth (babies for Brandon and Alicia Webb and Casey Daigle and Jennifer Finch), death (Steve Howe), illness and injury (the DL), or the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and MLB’s responses to it, I’ve tried to acknowledge some of those issues, insofar as I have had the time.

So there you have it:

Down the Left Field Line: Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes.

A long explanation for a long title, but by now, you know to expect that from me!

Thanks for including Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes on the panel plugging this topic.


Thanks man

Arielle: Left a comment on your blog, updating you. Communicating with Six Apart about that issue you encountered at the Edit Config page in your Photo Album area of the blog software. Would keep trying in the meantime, but known issue.

Nick: You just need to change your default settings in your Insert Photo process. Here’s what you do. Click the photo icon in the toolbar above your text field as you’ve done before. Browse for image. Then click Custom Settings before you click Insert Image. Deselect Thumbnail and Pop-up Window as options. Select the choice for Save as Default. Then Insert Image. Voila…you should be good to go. You can always adjust the placement of your pic as you wish by clicking the Custom Settings option in that process.

I had a question about getting pictures up into my entries, because when I load them in, they are really small, even when the picture is actually really big. Maybe anyone else is having trouble with this? or maybe you, Mark, could help me out?

So I posted some controversial information over at dispatches as well. But question for Mark:
I’ve attempted to make my new photo album public three times, and each time I get this: “MLBlogs has encountered an error. The requested page could not be found or the requested action could not be completed.”

I don’t know what to do. There are only 23 pictures in it currently, so I don’t think it’s too big or anything, and it hasn’t happened when I’ve done anything else.


As someone who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, I can say that what was good and uncomplicated about that time was the fact that the struggles were heading us in the direction of more individual freedom. You had the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Liberation Movement (didn’t girls start playing Little League in the early 70’s?)and the “Not-Straight” Rights Movement was beginning with the Stonewall rebellion in ’69. (I’m going to come up with a good literary protest of your “filter” one of these days.)

Yes, you had the Vietnam War and the assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers and King, Jr, and CoIntelpro, and in the early 70’s, Watergate, but I think people were more optimistic that things could change for the better. It felt like that for me when I was a political activist in high school and college.

Nowadays people are faced with issues that could overwhelm us all, e.g. Climate Change, Peak Oil, Nuclear Proliferation, Biological Weapons, Toxins and New and Re-emerging Diseases, and those crazy NeoCons and Dominionists, who rule by creating and maintaining a climate of fear. Of course, that’s not the first time in human history that tack has ever been taken. There is a Police State that is growing in a most un-American way in the US. And the politics are in baseball, also, to wit: the US Gov’t’s efforts to keep Cuba out of the WBC.

Now our national pastime is being lost to many of us. The idea that I had to pay $25 for a third deck seat at “Whatever they’re calling it this year” Park in SF is outrageous!


Barry Bonds, Everyones favorite player to hate WHY???????

For me, the ’60s or ’50s seem like extremely peaceful and laidback years. It’s probably because I wasn’t even a thought of a person yet and never experienced the time period, but life for kids today (and I guess major league ballplayers) is VERY complicated and difficult. There’s college (where you have to be the perfect person in order to get into a good one) parental pressure, new technology, threat of bird flu, terrorists, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, threats of nuclear bombs from Iran and North Korea, and a large AIDs epidemic in Africa.

Another reason why the 60s seem less turubulent is probably media awareness. How many people in the 60s listened to the radio, watched the news, read the paper, went online, and had access to news from anywhere around the world 24/7 in the 60s? No one. The internet, as wonderful as it is, has raised awareness of problems, which in turn has raised concern and stress levels.

These blogs are just another example of media awareness. I wouldn’t know about the day to day events with the Diamondbacks without Kellia’s blog, or see anything good (well for some fans) about the Yankees without Jason’s Baseball and the Boogie Down Bronx (which is a pretty sweet name too by the way).

Just my opinion on the matter.


My favorite name is “Kyle Farnsworth is my Bodyguard”

One of the most interesting posts today is by our kid reporter, Michael McHugh, who interviewed Mike Sweeney in the dugout. Here’s what was especially interesting from that post at

Michael: If you could live in any time in history, when would it be?

Mike Sweeney: Wow. I would probably live in the 60’s. I love that golden era of music. I love the 60’s and it was a time when my mom and dad were growing up and I think it would be very enjoyable to go to a couple of Beach Boys concerts and enjoy a nice uncomplicated world.

REACTION: Have you ever heard the 1960s described as “a nice uncomplicated world” before? It was a decade that started with a Cuban Missile Crisis, brought Vietnam, rioting and the Civil Rights movement, the clash between the Establishment and peace-loving hippies. But hey, maybe it was uncomplicated. Just a provocative answer to an innocent list of questions from one of our favorite kids.


This first MLBlogs Trick Pic was taken from an MLBlogger’s Photo Album, as will always be the case. Reid, you’re correct on the league, anyway. And it was done with Filter–>Pixelate–>Crystallize.

Murray, great blog on the making of a pitcher’s mound. That’s the kind of educational insight about groundskeeping that only you can help us with here. Everyone can find it at:


Good question, Mark!

(not to be confused with good question mark …)

“Diamonds are for Humor” is simply a play on words for “Diamonds are Forever”. It made sense, since the blog was going to be largely humor-based. And, I’m big on puns and wordplay.


I think using your name as a blog brings more consistency… I have noticed this more and more throughout the web.

good luck on your choice!

I’m going with a photo of Texas v. Yankees from this weekend. Looks like Tex is up to bat. And you used the Mosiac Filter in Adobe Photoshop.


I would have to say my favorite blog name is It’s All in the Cards

Was it at Peoria Sports Complex with the Padres playing the Mariners? was it at a padres game?

That would be cool… a weekly trivia… but what would I get since I don’t have a blog?

And yes. It’s an off-the-shelf product.

Can you give me the link for Photoshop? Do you have to pay for it?



Speaking of that panel image, here’s another question on top of the blog name dealio. Do you know where that background picture originated? And what would you all think of a weekly contest here, where we picked a random pic from a Photo Album and the first person to comment with the photo’s URL gets their blog featured all alone in that space on the MLBlogs front? Kind of a treasure hunt.


Those are all awesome names, Jack/Cyn/Reid. Apologies for not being able to include everyone in the panel image we just created on the homepage, but only so much space and just wanted to give a sample. Everyone’s unique. This will be fun to hear what everyone thinks of blog names — here or anywhere around the blogosphere.


My blog’s name, (“Baseball is Heaven’s Gift to Mortals”) comes from a quote in George Will’s book ‘Bunts.’ It’s a collection of articles that Will wrote throughout his career, spanning 20 or 30 years, if I recall correctly. I read the book before the 2004 season started, but that quote stuck with me forever. And I think that, until today, my blog was the only one with a quote as the title… except for “…and this one belongs to the Reds.” But that’s not really attributed to a single person, is it? Oh well.

Anyway, for those of you who long for those college days, I’m currently doing a “Finals Edition” of posts at BHGM. Trying to base each post off of the finals I’m currently taking, (I finish on Wednesday.)

Also, I mentioned this before, but the site

features almost exclusively MLBloggers. I’m not sure what the site is all about, but it’s some sort of new-age RSS feed collection type thing. Really strange, but useful. Kind of a Drudge Report for baseball. Lastly, what did you think of the Jay’s Casey Jannsen and Angel’s John Lackey taking no-no’s into the 6th and 5th innings, respectively? Not too deep, but considering it was the same game and the same time as Johan’s no-no…


Mark, it’s so funny you mention that “other” blog I contribute to. We agonized over what to call it. And we even had a different name for it that lasted about two days before we changed it for good.

“Red Sox Chick” was kind of a no-brainer for me, since I had been using it around the internet…but I wasn’t sure if it was going to be appropriate for MLBlogs when I chose it. Now, I know better!

My page name is the best, because it’s my name.

I just posted on the current state of the Mets rotation (the state of disarry)

And by the way, I also really liked “Tao of Steve” when that was started recently by our D-Backs reporter, Steve Gilbert, at And I have one suggestion: I think Andrea’s Baseball Astrology (formerly Planetary Pitch) oughta just be Signs, at

Arielle, it looks like we’re on the brink of some history. There is only a partial slate of games on Monday, and if there are no no-nos that day, then this is officially the longest drought of no-hitters since WWII, which we’ll remind you about at the appropriate time. And that’s a great MLBlog name — I’d keep posting under that one until you are 20, OK?


What do you think of Johan Santana’s bid for a no-no? I remember your post about that a while ago, and he got into the seventh (with aid from Tori Hunter of course).

As far as my blog name . . . I don’t know, it just popped into my head at the time. I wanted to play on the teen thing a little more but I was just not so creative that day. I don’t love it, but after almost three months, I’m not going to change it.


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