Midnight in the MLBlogosphere

Well, East Coast time, anyway. At one minute before midnight at Shea, David Wright completed a big day around the MLBlogosphere. During the day he posts a great entry to his MLBlog — telling you how he learned to cope with an occasional drought at the plate — and then at the end of the night he bounces a 400-footer over the wall in left-center to score Carlos Beltran with the winning run against the Braves in the bottom of the 14th. Big blog, big series, big hit, big day. Leave him a big comment and blog along if you’re just browsing here — your blog belongs in The Show.

Kudos to The Show’s own Joe Boesch, proprietor of Dugout Diary and the Friday night MLBlogger of the Week on our "Under the Lights" show at MLB Radio. It was simulcast in video and audio as Joe dropped by our new Chelsea studios in NY, and we’ll have the clip here by the start of the week to catch it if you were unable to interact with the show. Seize that moment and be an MLBlogger of the Week any upcoming Friday, your chance to promote your blog and talk some baseball.

Joe said something especially noteworthy during his appearance with host Pete McCarthy: At MLBlogs, "everyone is treated equally." Couldn’t have said it better, so thanks, Joe! If you look at that MLBlogs Active Roster on the homepage, you can see how we try our best to alternate MLB personalities with fans. Baseball is everyone’s game, whether you’re the guy throwing on the mound or the person who bought a ticket to watch him from the stands. The ultimate goal of MLBlogs is for it to reflect that total ballpark experience, where it’s about the players, the managers, the fans, the ushers, the music, the groundskeepers, the mascots, the front office, the main press box, the broadcasters, the legends. (Leave a comment if we left anyone out; that was a late game.)

Welcome to Nathan’s Sports Commentary and all other Rookies we have added to that category on the MLBlogs homepage. We also welcome one of our own new MLB.com fantasy writers, Dean Chiungos, who left Hollywood to become a sportswriter in the Northeast. Please drop by and get to know him, and join the Dean’s List. He might even give you some tennis tips — from a former nationally ranked player.

Please be sure to read Baron’s Corner so you can go behind the scenes on Barry Bonds’ visit to Citizens Bank Park in his pursuit of Babe. And if you want a great example of how revolutionary an MLBlog can be, then just look at what White Sox VP Scott Reifert did Friday afternoon. He posted about something very cool that the club was planning to do for manager Ozzie Guillen, and all he asked was that you don’t blow the secret. You can’t get that inside anywhere else.

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the kudos. I truly mean what I say and take nothing for granted.

The Studio experience is awesome. Of course, the nerves and sweats started, when I heard I was going to be on “Video” also. But, once we started talking ball, it was all good.

Thanks again,



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