MLBlogging is doggone fun


That picture from Willie Ball‘s Photo Album had to get some extra love here.

Your friendly neighborhood MLBlogosphere watcher is back from a wet night at Shea, where a lot of people were dressed like that dog, where Pedro’s shot at No. 6 was ruined, and where Carlos Delgado continued to make a case for himself on that All-Star Ballot. Might be hard for anyone not named Albert Pujols to start at first for the NL on July 11, but you get 25 shots at the ballot and can blog about each vote right here. Ian Snell was pretty remarkable tonight, too.

FrankIf you want to see some great behind-the-scenes blogging, take a look at what White Sox VP/Communications Scott Reifert has been typing away on the popular Inside the White Sox MLBlog.
The first of those three Wednesday posts from him also has an interesting question: How should White Sox fans respond when the Big Hurt returns to U.S. Cellular Field this month? And Phillies longtime PR head Larry Shenk blogs in Baron’s Corner about preparations for Barry’s visit to Citizens Bank Park this weekend.

(Blogger’s note: Don’t you love it when you accidentally navigate away from the posting page in your blog tool and you are now re-creating an entire blog post that you have written, especially one that had a zillion links? It was more fun being rained on, but we’re determined here to tell you what’s going on around the MLBlogosphere.)

Dan Haren likes movies. It’s obvious that his commenters do as well. Interesting to see all the different reviews being posted there . . . join ’em. By the way, the first commenter on that thread asked how he managed to blog during that A’s-Halos set-to. We help him with the posting part when we can because a Major League schedule is pretty hectic . . . and happy to help any other Major Leaguers who want to rumble at the ‘Sphere.

Jesse Sanchez of has a question for you all about baseball books.

Joe Boesch of Dugout Diary fame will be our MLBlogger of the Week Friday night on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights" show with host Pete McCarthy. Last week it was Steve Mitchell of Diehard Jays Fan, and the week before that it was Carl Shimkin of Inside Pitch. Step right up if you’d like to be a guest before a ton of baseball fans and promoting your own MLBlog.

Here’s a great example of an MLBlogger helping an MLBlogger. John Nemo of recently created The King’s Game asks what a Trackback is, but before you answer, don’t worry about it. We’re about to Deepfriedfishblog
obliterate them from existence at MLBlogs. Trackbacks have no redeeming social value, only returning mostly offensive spam links, and they’re goners from your software when we do a mass update of the MLBlogs software this month. Some cool additions are coming, too.

Another helpful MLBlog tip from our friend Chef Bob at Deep Fried Fish Blog. And the BaseballGeeks have another idea for you to help drive traffic. We try to read everything here — and look at the cool pics.

Reminder that you can feel free to post a line or two right here in the comments, highlighting something you have just posted to your MLBlog. Might send more people thataway, so why not? Blogging is part marketing, at least if you want to be read. And if you have a companion animal, just be sure to post a pic of it on your blog in your favorite team’s attire.

Here is an article about that "rainout" we had here the other night.

Happy blogging . . .


Diane, I believe that will be an affirmative, will give an update when we do the mass update.


re: trackbacks

Oh thank you thank you!

Those trackbacks are SO annoying.

I’ve been trying to get rid of old ones from really old posts, and they multiply like Tribbles!

Will you be able to do a mass extermination of existing trackbacks?

hey… if anybody’s up for some sports poetry, check out “An Ode to Omar” and the Mets at

hey… love the picture! Here’s hoping you were under the overhang… but then a gain a wet win is better than no win at all…

Swet picture…
Check out My latest gadgets.

Used “fishys” standings, html, Works a treat.

Also I’ve gotten a translation link, looks kinky in Italian haha…

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