Call that one a rainout

Thanks for your patience with the blog outage most of this evening. Our Six Apart partners were victims of a sophisticated distributed denial of service attack, and MLBloggers weren’t alone in waiting this one out. Guess we’ll just have to call Tuesday night, May 2, a rainout much like they did at Fenway and wonder what Murray Cook would have done. Everything is returning to normal and back to blogging . . .

You may have noticed that we launched a Major League Baseball Advanced Media company blog on Tuesday. It will update all content launches, special product offerings, press releases and more — what’s going on at 30 club sites and our affiliates that BAM powers.

Before you watch Dan Haren start for Oakland Wednesday night at home against that tough Cleveland lineup, take a look at the post he just added to his MLBlog, Haren’s Heat. You might want to comment on his movie reviews with your own thoughts. Jorge Cantu posted Tuesday as well, and you can feel how badly the second baseman wants to get back into the Devil Rays’ lineup. David Wright is at the hot corner and has a new post just around the corner in case you have any last-second thoughts in his comments for the new name of his blog.

Recommended viewing: the video that you’ll find in our kid reporter Michael McHugh’s new post. If you’re pressed for time, forward about three-fourths of the way through the video and watch Ryan Dempster’s magic tricks. Could you have asked a Major Leaguer that many rapid-fire questions when you were 14?

The way the Cincinnati Reds are going, do you kind of wonder if Steve Stewart’s Bad Boy Blog is going to ride a wave like Scott Reifert’s massively popular Inside the White Sox did in 2005? Steve is Marty Brennaman’s radio boothmate for Reds broadcasts and is delivering some precious insight, such as his latest post about interviewing Bronson Arroyo after the pitcher went to 5-0. Anyone who has hit the Montgomery Inn for food in the Queen City can appreciate Arroyo’s quote.

Welcome back to Atlanta Braves, Nuff Said. He picked up a few tips from The Baseball Collector.

Some Ballyard has spawned a spinoff MLBlog called Metsville.

Here are more Recently Updated Photo Albums (got one?):


Will keep that in mind, Bob. Any ideas welcomed. If it means Official Rules and legal channels, it becomes less likely, so the more informal the ideas the better.



Do you think we will ever have contests or competions here at MLBlogs?

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