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While all MLBlogs are not created equal, we have a special place in our heart for those Ironbloggers out there in this community. And there are lot of you, blogging every day and using your MLBlog as a chronicle for the season much the same way we do over at MLB.com and the 30 club sites with our beat writers. In fact, maybe "beat bloggers" is a term that belongs here at MLBlogs. Edward at DC Daily proudly carries that torch for the Washington Nationals — and knows as well as anyone that the Nats have to do something about their 1-7 home record if they are going to challenge this season. Here are Nine Questions with today’s featured Spheroid:

What is your favorite team and why?

The Washington Nationals. I grew up an out-of-town Expos fan idolizing Andre Dawson, Tim Raines, Tim Wallach, Gary Carter, El Presidente Dennis Martinez, Pascual Perez et al . . . through Vladimir Guerrero, Javier Vazquez, Orlando Cabrera . . . and when the Expos migrated south and became the Nationals, I was the first on board. I was there in Washington, D.C. for the home opener (with an Expos cap and Livan Hernadez #61 Expos T-shirt (I was bitter).

Why did you sign up for an MLBlog?

To attempt to discipline myself by sitting and writing each day of the season, and to present my argument for the beauty of baseball, disregarding grammar, run-on sentences, and the ability of language to bring the game of baseball to life.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Anytime someone asks why I’m always watching baseball, I can say it’s research for my writing.

Favorite blogs of any kind, including at least one MLBlog:Awaycap2

Canadians Love Baseball Too (alright it’s a Blue Jays blog, but I still love Canada). And thanks to the Daily Fungo’s recent Spheroid, I found Buster Olney’s ESPN blog, which is just as good as you’d expect from Mr. Olney.

Last thing you bought at the MLB.com Shop:

I bought my brother a World Baseball Classic Andruw Jones Netherlands Name and Number T-shirt, and picked up an Ichiro Japan shirt for myself. I’m eyeing that third DC logo Nationals hat to go with my home, away and BP Nationals caps, and my royal blue, pinwheel, all-black, red, and never-worn-on-the-field alternate Expos caps.


Your most memorable Major League moment(s):

My brother (a Braves fanatic) and I traveled to Montreal two straight years in 2003-04 for what we thoughtRichard would be the last Expos/Braves series. In 2003, we saw Vladimir Guerrero’s last AB in Montreal
, as well as his last home run in the Stade Olympique (above). We also discovered Moe’s Nachos Mixarama, which, regardless ofVlad_1 their place on the appetizer section of the menu, are a main course, and we found the Rocket Richard statue around the corner from Olympic Stadium. In 2004, we stopped in Boston “on the way” to Montreal to see Vladi’s Angels and Orlando Cabrera’s Red Sox, before moving on to Montreal, more Moe’s nachos, and Brad Wilkerson’s first-pitch leadoff homer off John Thomson. While in Montreal in 2004, we met a friendly old couple who actually ending up next to us again in 2005 in Washington for the season-opening series. Small world.

What was your favorite post?

The DC Daily NL East Overview Interview. I called on my brother Scout, a Braves fan, and two other close friends, both Mets lovers before the season
got under way, and asked the three a series of questions about the upcoming season. After enduring a bit of mockery (What, are you a reporter? Alright, Scoop? Well Cubby, do I get paid for my thoughts? How do I know I’ll be quoted accurately?) I assembled their answers into a faux-roundtable discussion that was unlike any other post before or since. It’ll be fun to check back in October and see who was right. David Wright will not win the NL MVP!

Happiness is . . .

A few hours of reading, a few hours of writing, Nationals baseball, and a movie.

What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

Working on my novel, book of poetry, screenplay, graphic novel adaptation . . . all the things unpublished writers are always “working” on.

Email your responses to those questions if you would like to be a Spheroid, so we can put more attention on your MLBlog. Visit DC Daily and happy blogging.


Kellia, thanks for the thought — but far better than a separate blog for Spheroids, please note that a new category has been added at the top of the side panel. So you can just click that and see all the Spheroids aggregated. Thanks for the suggestion to group them.



How about setting up a separate blog called Spheroids, which would contain just those. I think they would stand out more that way.



Cheers I’ll give it a try… Anyone speak a foreign language???? I’ve got a translayor link on my web page . give it a try

You’re blog is quite different from the rest oot there. Do you write differently when the Nationals lose as opposed to when they win?

Also, do you listen to music when you write?

If so, who’s your favorite band?

“I left my lady in the launderette

You can put some money on it, you can place a little bet

That when I see my lady

The black will be white and the white will be black

But the blues are still blue”

– I read your blog

shout oot to stan!

I can help you with the second question. Once you submit your ASG ballot, it shows your picks. Do an Alt-PrntScrn so it takes a snapshot of your screen. Go to Photoshop and Cntrl-V to paste it into a new file. Then save as jpeg and post as you would a pic.


how can you add audio clips to your blog, also somehow I can’t seem to be able to copy and paste my votes in the all-star ballot?????????????

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