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Since today is my first anniversary of moving from St. Louis to work in our MLBAM New York offices, a little Big Apple flavor here from the MLBlogosphere.

Spent a long, long, long day at Yankee Stadium today. It began in Joe Torre’s daily briefing in the Bomber dugout, on a beautiful sunny day. The subject was raised about what a microscope Randy Johnson is under, and this was before Big Unit’s start. Joe said this about Yankee fans:

"They’re there to pick you up when you need it, and they’re there to remind you that they’re there."

That was a great quote. Then he said, "they pay you money to come out and let you know how they feel."

So now I am looking at Yankees Chick’s post ("getting the win doesn’t count") and am reminded about what happened in the hours following what Joe said. When I was reading the Yankee game notes (which you can get at Press Pass), I noticed that Johnson entered the game having won 11 consecutive decisions at Yankee Stadium. That was the longest such streak by a Yankee since David Cone in the 1990s. Just then, I heard the boos begin. And they continued when, after the Yankees had given him a 9-5 lead, he walked the bases full and then gave up an RBI single.

So the Yankees’ ace proceeded to do one better than Cone by winning his 12th consecutive decision at home, in front of those Yankee fans, and he was booed. It’s just amazing to someone who moved here from St. Louis and spent most games at Busch Stadium. Just utterly, truly amazing. I’ll leave right or wrong to other people — it’s just night-and-day different. That’s life here, just as it was when Carlos Beltran was booed during his slow start, and I don’t know how the practice began, and it’s something that Joe Torre said before the game that you simply expect and even accept, because fans remind you that they’re there.

People are passionate in different ways. And at MLBlogs, people are passionate in their posts.

It will be amazing to see the Red Sox and Yankees posts side-by-side here Monday and Tuesday as Johnny comes marching home.

Welcome Andrea Mallis back to the MLBlogosphere. She posted under the blog heading of Planetary Pitch in 2005 and her blog has been restored and glad to see her Baseball Astrology back here. She has been featured in largescale media and definitely has an interesting perspective.

Chef Bob at Deep Fried Fish Blog has offered some tips to help you with blog bling.

It was a tough day today for the Blue Jays at Babe’s House, but Steve Mitchell, proprietor of Diehard Jays Fan, is having a good weekend. He was the MLBlogger of the Week on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights" show Friday night, and he talked about the team and also rated some of the best and worst of the 23 stadiums he has visited. Click here to listen to Steve.

You also can find that link as well as that of previous guests in the drop-down menu under the MULTIMEDIA heading on the homepage. We’ll be snagging a different blogger each week for the Friday night show, a chance to promote your blog and talk baseball in front of a huge baseball audience. Another reason why your blog belongs in the big leagues . . .


The Orioles manager is a loser wimp boy. The team should be wearing panties and dresses. A girlie effort against the Mariners. The manager needs to be fired for cowardice.

I’ve taken a tip from Mad Dog and have added a poll to my blog. The question is: Should the D’Backs trade Byrnes? Please vote.

And yes, Zack: Let’s Go Mets!


Its Yankees v Red sox tonight. Yippee cant wait.. read my angle on the upcoming 2 games..

Hey,, hope we can get you to join the community — 30-day free trial! Happy blogging…and everyone remember to blog your First Vote from the All-Star ballot that we just launched at and the 30 club sites.


The Braves are goin’ DOWN this year, baby.

Hi all, I have to say I love this site.
Although I’m a braves fan(they won WOO HOO)I love the guy who writes radiomans korner, even if he is a met fan, I read his blog everyday, and the last two days have been the funniest.

P:S The braves will win #15

bye all

The boo birds will be out tomorrow night at Fenway as Johnny comes back. There is just no denying it, he’s a traitor plain and simple with dollar signs in his eyes. If he would have just shut his trap, it would have at least made me consider not booing him, but Johnny’s comments really sealed the coffin.

I posted my April summary recently and suprisingly was more hard pressed to find negatives than positives.


Cyn, any Redbird bloggers can weigh in here, but can personally attest that Red Sox fans were the toast of the town in A-B country during the wee hours after they reversed the curse.

Not to defend Yankees fans, but Red Sox ‘fans’ at the Park seem to be just as bad with the booing lately. Second week into the season and they booed David Wells and Matt Clement pretty much off the mound. Drives me crazy.

I have a friend who was at game 4 of the World Series and he tells the story of the Cards fans who stayed with the Red Sox fans after the game, congratulating them, clapping for the team and just being all around good sports. That might be taking it a bit too far in my opinion, but it is a stark contrast to east coast baseball.

I was at Yankee Stadium on April 26, and the “fans” booed A-Rod all night because he left a few runners in scoring position. Unbelievable. The guy is the reigning MVP, and he’s not even off to a slow start this season. It almost makes me sick.

-The Baseball Collector

Forgot to mention… I too was disgusted at the so-called fans booing Randy today.
Yes we are all entitled to our opinion but in context..

Randy has been superb for us. OK last post season excluded, but 12 in a row… phenomenal

We will always get Boo Boys. Sadly we have to live with it

It’s all about our own teams here on the blogs. Only the real Baseball fans (me included) give due reward and credit to the better team.
To all Yankee fans….. the poll will be here for a long time.. come vote. It’s now 50-50… Jeter should be MVP..(though not on todays performance) but hey, we all have days off..

Come join the fun

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