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The race is on. You get 25 votes in the 2006 All-Star Game Online Ballot, and who is going to be the first to blog about their first vote? Miggy (above) wants you, and so does Jeter and all the rest. What position is toughest this year? AL catcher is the vote here. My story has some breakdown of the choices by position. This is one of the best times of year, and MLBlogs makes it more interesting because you can share your reasoning for your picks online and out at the ballpark! Let the debates rage between now and the All-Star Final Vote, and we’ll give you regular voting updates at along the way.

Mostly to show you a tip on how to best display your choices, I cast my own first of 25 online votes (and I’ll punch ’em at the park, too). My votes always flow along with the subsequent two months, so some of these are hot early and some are just personal favorites.


‘Stros Bro has the right idea. Take a look at his First Vote. You can do that 25 times with your MLBlog, and then as announcement time approaches, you will be able to look back through your posts and have a chronicle of every time you voted. Some enterprising MLBloggers probably will even record the ballpark ballots they punched.

Please leave a comment here if you’ve done the same thing ‘Stros Bro just did. The big picture on the homepage at is now pointing to his post. Will be happy to point it to your First Vote as well for the whole MLBlogosphere to see. After you submit your online ballot, just do an Alt-PrtSc if you have a PC and then in Photoshop crop out the above part of your voting results page. Easiest way to show it.

Vote wisely, NL fans. This is the 10th anniversary of the last time the senior circuit won the event. It’s been payback for that run the NL had all those years with Garvey, Carter, Rose & Co. And that means the AL has had home-field advantage in the last three World Series, with the last two years proving valuable during sweeps by the Red Sox and then White Sox. It definitely matters.


Currently listening to: Hammerin’ Hank’s 715th


Good to see you voted for Jonny Gomes, Mark.

Keep doing it!!!

You know it makes sense…


Eric, thanks for asking and Mosaic has not been launched yet, hence the “Available soon” on the MLB.TV page:

It is coming soon and will be an awesome addition to the MLB.TV experience.

hey blogosphere,
you were very helpful a few weeks ago when i couldnt get my to work.

thanks a lot, the people you reffered me to had it squared away in no time, almost.

It works, but not the mosaic feature, for some reason.

Is this a common problem?

Hmm, I will now add a photo policy to my site.

I just posted on Why Larry Jones’ Dominates the Mets:

Well I didn’t blog about my first vote, but I did blog about which of my ‘Stros should make the team. (so far in this young season) Go ‘Stros!

Todd, thanks for asking. According to Gur Melamede, our Senior Photo Editor at Major League Baseball Advanced Media, we cannot give permission for any such use because, with only some exceptions, we don’t own them. It’s a question for AP or Getty Images. I’ve even seen Getty photos posted here at MLBlogs with the big watermark across the front, which they apply for the sole purpose of preventing unlicensed usage. So although it’s the blogosphere and for the most part we can’t control what people post (offensive posts or blogs can be deleted but I can count on one hand how many times it has happened here), that is simply the official statement and it’s good that someone asked for the record. If you publish a blog here or anywhere on the Internet, you are your own publisher of content and copyright law certainly applies across the board, so blogger beware.

We have made it possible for official MLB marks and logos to be used on an MLBlog, whereas they are illegal to use on any other blogs outside of here and frequently forced to remove. But AP/Getty is another story, no authorization given here.


Vote for Jeter….
MVP,, I’ve said it all along

Join the madness at

Hey Mark, question for you …
Can we use photos from And if so, do we need to reference them? Thanks a lot.

By the way, if anyone is interested in reading up on the team that will knock off the Yankees and the Red Sox this year, check out:


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