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So, is Kevin Mench in your AL outfield now that the All-Star Online Ballot has just been released at The Rangers’ red-hot slugger just went deep for the seventh consecutive game, meaning he is one away from the Major League record shared by Dale Long, Don Mattingly and Ken Griffey Jr. Mench is the only right-handed hitter ever to do it in seven straight.

‘Stros Bro included the fellow Texan in his First Vote — blog about your 25 alloted online votes as you go along the next couple of months.

Elsewhere around the MLBlogosphere tonight:

Steve Mitchell at Diehard Jays Fan was the guest MLBlogger of the Week tonight on our "Under the Lights" show on MLB Radio. Look for the link to his appearance soon in the Multimedia section of the homepage. Speak right up if you’d like to be a guest on the show on upcoming Friday nights — a great way for you to get the word out about your MLBlog and talk some baseball.

Big night for MLBlogger David Wright — two dingers in a Mets win in Atlanta. Is he your NL third baseman on that online ballot? That should be a great race the next couple of months. Morgan Ensberg, Scott Rolen, Aramis Ramirez, and some potential surprises there like Edwin Encarnacion and Garret Atkins of the division-leading Reds and Rockies, respectively.

From deep in the hole has a nice series running on his Angels blog about his favorite Halos of all-time. Nice idea for an MLBlog.

Feel free to blog about the NFL Draft this weekend. Hey, we’re all sports fans. Amazing move by the Texans tonight.

Take a look at Casey Stern’s latest post on Sterno Speaks. It was a big first week for our new weekday show called Midday. Can personally attest here that Ty Wigginton is a better dart thrower than Rays teammate Joey Gathright, both of whom were in our studios. But Gathright still had one of the plays of the week when he brought back that homer from over the wall at Yankee Stadium.

Here are some Recently Updated Photo Albums. Take a look and follow their link at the top to that person’s blog . . .

Currently listening to: Kirk Gibson’s 1988 Miracle Homer.


I put your blog on the home screen on my iPhone so I wonNt miss any of your posts.

Jack, moving in that direction. Will be making gradual upgrades to MLBlogs in the very near future now that we’ve just turned 1. The feeds from our blog-software partner are a key to what you inquired about (we want that as well) so an automation process is in the works — indexing them per team manually is impractical.


Any chance there’s ever an index of blogs sorted by team?

Completely off topic, I refer you to my Blog posting today.

Daryl’s Place

Has Gary Sheffield gotta go??????????
Has Jarret Wrong gotta go??????????

Come have a look!

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