Twirling the Tuesday Sphere

Zack, Carl and Reid were asking about the subject of storage allotment on MLBlogs. We at Major League Baseball Advanced Media partnered with Six Apart, the leading blog software company, to create these MLBlogs and they host them and provide the software you use. Your friendly neighborhood MLBlogospherologist consulted with management at their Typepad group in San Francisco, and we’re happy to report that it’s a non-issue. To quote: "We do monitor storage now on MLBlogs, but we don’t enforce the limits. So I wouldn’t worry." There you go.

Another recurrent question, which sometimes comes to this desk via our MLB clubs, is: How can I leave a comment without it showing my email address? Many people obviously are familiar with our Fan Forum message boards, where they post under usernames. There is no such option here if you aren’t an MLBlogger. You have to be registered at to be able to leave a comment on an MLBlog, but you need an MLBlog if you want it to just show your name instead of email address. We want you to be an MLBlogger, not just an MLBlog Commenter. No one has coined the term "Commentosphere" for a good reason.

(Naturally, I had to Google that fact and be proven otherwise.)

Speaking of questions, John at The King’s Game has a good one for you all on his latest post. Hopefully there will be a consensus opinion there . . . just another case of blog evolution.

SteveNice new post here by Steve Stewart, the Reds’ radio broadcaster alongside Hall of Famer Marty Brennaman. Cincinnati has to be one of the surprise stories of the first month, and glad to have this Bad Boy Blog ‘s inside perspective throughout the season. Great chance for you to get him your question/comment.

You are cordially invited to get everything out of your system over the next few days that has nothing to do with All-Star voting, because the drumbeat can be heard approaching closer and closer. It will be the perfect blog topic, a post for every 25 online votes over the next couple of months and raging arguments among voters causing us to stop just short of declaring marshal mlblogoslaw here. More to come shortly…

Some good blogging about the anniversary of Rick Monday’s flag rescue. Examples: Bruce Markusen | Rays from across the Pond. Speaking of the Rays, we had Ty Wigginton in the Studios down the hallway here a few hours ago for fellow MLBlogger Casey Stern’s new Midday show. If you haven’t watched it yet, please take a look at 12:30 pm each weekday on — it’s good stuff, and each show ends with a fun dart-throwing competition. Wigginton just passed teammate Joey Gathright, who was in here yesterday.

Is there anything better than a brand-new MLBlog that starts with the two words: "Bull Durham"?

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Thanks so much for looking into the storage issue. I feel much better.


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