Tips for MLBlogs Traffic

Now that you have started an MLBlog that is accessible to at least 2 billion+ unique visitors per year around and 30 club sites, there are some guerilla ways that you can bring people to your baseball page here. This is a list of 10 examples to keep in mind:

1. After you blog, post a brief comment right here under the most recent MLBlogosphere post, summarizing the topic you’ve just covered so others will check it out. Include your URL under your name. Don’t be bashful about doing it constantly. That’s one of the reasons this blog is generally at the start of the Active Roster on the MLBlogs homepage, to serve as a guide among other things.

2. Comment frequently on other MLBlogs, especially to welcome rookies to The Show, and again include the URL so there’s always a link to your page.

3. Create a Typelist with your favorite MLBlogs, and they probably will do the same. See an example on Rob’s Ramblings or Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes.

4. Be profiled here as a Spheroid by emailing your responses to the nine questions (or any other questions you prefer) that you see in previous Spheroid features.

Atlantaexample5. That big promotional space on is changed multiple times each day, and alert us (same email above) with anything special you might be blogging. It’s meant to showcase both MLB personality blogs as well as fan blogs, and we’re always looking for especially interesting topics. Advance notice always helps. Red Sox Chick and Rays from across the Pond told us they were going to do a live blog between their teams last week and that was promoted on that homepage mediawall during and after. And here’s an idea: That main image is 466 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall, and maybe you can create a dazzling graphic of your own choosing that you think we would want to display there, accompanying it with text showcasing your blog and others. If that interests you, the email address above is where to send it…no guarantees but it might be fun.

6. Create a Photo Album. As you can see from the post below, occasionally we’re showing Recently Updated Photo Albums. Gradually some features on the MLBlogs homepage will change, but for now in version 1.0 that’s another gateway for visitors. Remember that if you create a Photo Album like Tommy Lasorda and ‘Stros Bro did, you then have to activate it for public view by going to Weblogs–>Edit Design–>Content and then selecting the choice and saving.

7. Post frequently. The more you show up in Recently Updated Weblogs, the more you are seen on the MLBlogs homepage and in the side panel of most MLBlogs.

8. Be a phone-in guest on Friday night’s "Under the Lights" show on MLB Radio. Carl Shimkin of Inside Pitch was last week’s MLBlogger of the Week, and you can listen to his appearance by clicking on the link under MULTIMEDIA on the MLBlogs homepage. You may be approached by the show’s producer, but feel free to suggest yourself as a guest. That MLBlogger of the Week will be highlighted in advance and after the show here as well.

9. Be viral outside the MLBlogosphere. Email all of your friends and family with your URL. Look at Bleeding Pinstripes: Everyone’s part of the crowd.

10. Play third base for the Mets.

These are just some of the ways, and feel free to leave your own suggestions here for other traffic tips for your fellow MLBloggers (right after you post those comments highlighting your newest must-see posting). Ask some savvy house bloggers like Bob at Deep Fried Fish Blog and Jake at Bucco Blog, and sample their techniques. Use the Subscribe and Syndicate features on the side panels. Have fun and we will keep trying to point people your way by continually mixing up that MLBLOGS ACTIVE ROSTER list on the homepage and gradually enhancing the area. Welcome to the daily flow of newcomers and here’s to lots of baseballs and lots of eyeballs.

Currently listening to: Pete Rose’s 4,192nd hit


You said: “And here’s an idea: That main image is 466 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall, and maybe you can create a dazzling graphic of your own choosing that you think we would want to display there, accompanying it with text showcasing your blog and others. If that interests you, the email address above is where to send it…no guarantees but it might be fun.” Since I don’t have a blog (yet). Can I make a graphic for other people’s blogs and give them to you?

Hey everyone. Sometime today or tomorrow, I’ll be posting an amatuer(ametuer,amat,am, whatever)tutorial on how to add cool stuff to your blog. I’m not a pro by any means, but I figured stuff out with the help of others and on my own so it should be fun to share.


Thaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankes win a night game. See a pic of Damons slide, vote for Jeter to be MVP, and even play a game or look at the photo albums…….
Come Join The Madness….

I’m disappointed. No update today. I thought you might have some more advice up your sleeve to enhance our blogs.
🙂 (joking)

I vote you leave me in the lineup for tomorrow. It is my actual birthday so I really am “Sweet 16”


Great advice all around on this article, and I noticed that since I kept posting a lot of stuff often and kept adding in things like photos, links, favorites, etc. and kept tweaking and upgrading my blog, that – combined with a unique slant – got me featured on the main page!!! Woo-hoo! Now if only my beloved Twins could hit…

I have discussed how I use both computers and pencils in watching baseball in my article “The Eric Byrnes Pitch Count Report or Why Let a Computer Do It All For You?”


Hi Folks my name is Shannon and i have a MLB Blog. I talk abut my love of baseball and my experince of meeting players. i live near St.Louis. But i’m not a Cards fan.I enjoy watching The Reds, Astros and Phillies.Have plenty of pictures and will add more in the future.

There’s also a great phot of one of the first Box Scores from 1876 at the link above

Nice Article about scoring Mark.

For anyone interested in reading more about Henry Chadwick “the First American Sports Writer” and the History of the Box Score come read the ‘The Fathers Of Baseball Pt. 1″ from Inside Pitch.

Jason, that’s one of the beauties of keeping score. You are probably more in tune to the game than anyone else. You have a perspective of how a hitter has done in each at-bat against a pitcher that game, you know if a guy has stranded runners each inning before and thus the significance if he comes through in that next at-bat, and so on. Actually that’s also one of the great things about our Gameday app here at — it’s a live box score and you can refer to the previous play-by-play and much more. Some games you just want to kick back and take it all in and it’s entertainment; some games you want to be as wired to the flow of the drama as the managers in the dugout.


I used to keep score as a freshman in high school. It’s a lot of fun and a good way to learn the game.

I was trying to do it at each stadium I visted on our ballpark trip as a way to commemorate the visit, but I found I spent a lot of time asking my wife “what did I just miss?” as I’d always look down and something would happen.


Thanks Mark…

Now if I can just find my hammer I should get this Time Machine done any time now…!


Good article. My parents taught me how to keep score when I was a kid and I love doing it. But, you’re right….not many people know how. I remember playing ball in high school, one of our bench players would sometimes keep the book and was constantly asking me how to score things. During high school I also got a part-time summer job score keeping for YMCA girls softball, because nobody else knew how to do it.

Also, I answered your question and comment about MLB.TV on my blog underneath your comment.


Phil, thank you for your perspective in navigating. I will point out that “Blogs” is a link on the upper right part of the first screen of the homepage, but such feedback obviously is appreciated in an evolving world.

Arielle, that was hilarious. Just call it a swizzle stick.

Kellia, I score when I’m in the press box but really miss scoring on a scorecard out in the stands and plan to do something about that shortly. And thanks for reading that article at:


My comment is in response to the ten ways to increase traffic/exposure for our blogs.

There is a row of options to click on when you first go to If blogs were a heading of it own, the two million fans would have a chance to know that blogs exist.

I started typing this note thinking there was no link at all for blogs. To find blogs, I had to use the search option. Then after many minutes of searching, I found blogs listed under the heading of “more”. Well, the “more” heading is so far over to the right of the screen, that it doesn’t come up on most computer screens. Therefore I suspect that less than 5% of mlb traffic knows that the blogs exist and how to find them.

I think these blogs are a very good idea that needs a little more exposure. Without an easier way for people to find my blog, it does not seem like an effective use of money.

Maybe what could be done would be to add blogs by themselves, or by adding another row of options to click below the one row that is there now.

BTW, Hanley Ramirez should be a stud for this franchise for many years to come, no matter where they call home.

The last time I tried to keep score at Fenway (last week), I dropped the golf pencil into the person-in-front-of-me’s-beer.😦

After I pointed it out to him, the person shrugged, took a sip, and said “tastes the same” before draining the cup and leaving to get another. That’s Fenway I guess.

Re: your article on scoring:

You wrote: filling in a diamond-shaped box means that player scored.

Thanks for letting me know. My father taught me to keep score in the days before those diamond-shaped boxes showed up on scorecards. I spent about 11 years away from the game and when I finally saw a scorecard with those those, I didn’t know why they were there. Just took up space, as far as I knew.

And the backward K is a new thing for me. I just starting using it this year.

You also wrote: “The only problem with the time-honored practice introduced by Henry Chadwick in the 1800s is this: It has become something of a lost art. When is the last time you really scored a game with a pencil or pen?”

I only keep score when I am actually at the park. I was last at a game on August 17 of last year. Since I always keep score in pencil that would be the last day I did so.

How often do you even use a pencil or a pen, for that matter?

My Eric Byrnes Pitch Count Reports are always done in pencil, so I have been using a pencil every day since the season started, even if it’s just to note that he’s not in the linueup again. GRRR!

Pencils are sometimes a pain because they have to be sharpened alot. But one thing about paper. It doesn’t crash!

Kellia “No, I don’t remember the Dead Ball Era” Ramares

Lots of BP; lots of drills at third; the best agent in history; a groundswell of buzz about the blogger who became a Major Leaguer; a time machine to get seen by scouts in high school; five tools; a budding superstar aura; a uniform; a wooden bat…those are starters.

There’s some good tips on there Mark (and Reid) and I shall probably try to work through them at some point.

I do need a bit of help though – could you give me a quick ‘how to’ on number 10. I’m not sure how to go about playing 3B for the Mets. And I have this feeling it would really help my Blog’s traffic…!


Jack, since that’s not an automated process we add ’em to the Active Roster as soon as we can and will add that — thanks. Last weekend we started the “Rookies” category on the homepage as another way to make sure anyone who is brand-new to the Recently Updated Weblogs is indexed somewhere at least immediately. And by the way, great Mets blog — remember to always put your URL at the bottom of a comment around here, in your case if I’m not mistaken…

Hit Reid up for tips, he has some good ones. I also like to look through at their featured bloggers just to see how the same software is used by non-MLBloggers. They’re kind of our cousins.


I covered Chris Young’s injury, the David Wright trade discussion that “never happened”, The Rocket’s return, Ozzie Guillen thinking Buehrle isn’t getting enough run, and Carl Everett blaming Ken Williams… well you’ll see.

Some other pointers – use a site like to syndicate your feed. I also covered this in my last post. This way, you can see how many people are subscribing to your feed, and they can do so with any aggregator or feed reader out there.

Additionally, you’ll want to install a hit counter. A lot of people have emailed me asking about this, and I still recommend, yet I haven’t used any others. This helps because not only can you keep track of how many people are visiting, but you can see where they’re coming from, how long they stay, etc.

I’ll also echo your thoughts on commenting. That’s one of the best things you can do. If you show an interest in other people’s blogs, they’ll be compelled to check yours out as well. Same goes for listing your favorite blogs.

Mention your comments and thoughts on other blogs in your posts as well. This makes people feel like you’re paying attention to them and that they’re part of your blog. Obviously, visitors like to feel valued.

Also, I’ve found that posting at a semi-regular time each day helps. People know when to check your site for an update and they’ll be more inclined to do so if they think they’ll see something new.

And finally – keep Mark Newman on your good side. I play around with Mark a lot but he knows I’m kidding. If he didn’t, he’d never link to me in the Blogosphere or leave comments ever again. Haha.

Feel free to email me with any other questions.


Come comment at Inside Pitch on ‘The Fear of Bonds’

Barry Bonds is batting only .231 thus far but has an insane .536 OBP. Two nights ago Willie Randolph’s strategy of Walking Barry Bonds cost the Mets the game. Come to INSIDE PITCH and comment on ‘The Fear Of Bonds’. Are managers walking him too much to the detriment of their teams? (Carl the Cabbie thins so) or is it better to get beat by Moises Alou and the rest of the Giants’ crew?

How does one move from the Rookie bar to the “Active Roster” list?


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