April 24th, 2006

Spheroid: The Daily Fungo

ComericaparkThe Detroit Tigers responded to manager Jim Leyland’s tirade on their last road trip, and now they begin a homestand tonight against the Angels with a 12-7 record and just 1 1/2 games behind the defending world champs in the AL Central. There are a bunch of Tiger blogs here at MLBlogs, and here’s a closer look at Mike McClary and his raison d’etre at The Daily Fungo:

1. Why do you blog?

I blog because it combines my two passions: writing and baseball. Blogging about baseball gets me going. As a freelance writer, I spend my days in front of my computer writing articles, newsletters and speeches. So, I blog first thing in the morning, if possible, to get my brain in gear for the client-related writing that pays the bills. I recently launched my weekly podcast –- the cleverly named Daily Fungo Podcast —- as an extension of my blog.

2. What was your favorite post?

My favorite so far was the Tuesday Morning Notebook. When I was in high school, I subscribed to The Sporting News and couldn’t wait to read the columns filled little snippets about sports — the "this and that" columns. I try to do one of those a week on my blog. They are fun to read and even more fun to write.

3. What is your favorite team and why?

The Detroit Tigers. I grew up in the Detroit area and spent most of my life there. I live in Arizona now but thanks to MLB.com, newspaper Web sites, satellite TV and radio, I can follow the Tigers just as closely as I could if I were still living in Metro Detroit. During that glory year of 1984, my friends and I — then in high school — attended 15 games (a lot when you’re using your allowance to sit in the bleachers). 1984champs_3I was lucky enough to attend the pennant-clinching ALCS game versus the Royals (1-0). After that game, hundreds of fans ran on to the field and tore apart the Tiger Stadium turf. My brother and I sat in the lower deck bleachers in center field and watched the mayhem. A Detroit police officer handed me a chunk of outfield grass which we promptly planted in the back yard. It’s still there! I also attended Game 3 of the World Series -– another Tigers win. I always fit in a game at Comerica Park when I return to Detroit for a summer visit.

4. Favorite blogs, including at least one MLBlog:

I really enjoy reading the team beat writers’ blogs. Tigers MLB.com beat writer Jason Beck’s blog is terrific. Also, Inside the White Sox is a must-read for me not because I’m a Sox fan; I’m not –- not by a long shot. But in college, I wanted to be a public relations/communications exec with an MLB team and this blog give me a glimpse of what life is like on the inside. Reid does a nice job with Baseball is Heaven’s gift to Mortals; ditto for Aaron Warner. Finally, I always read Buster Olney’s blog every morning. It’s a solid roundup of what’s going on around baseball with links to great articles in papers across the U.S.

5. What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

I’d probably doing more billable client work. Or recording another podcast episode.

6. Where do you think the blogosphere is going?

The blogosphere was tailor-made for fans engaging in a conversation about baseball -– or maybe baseball was tailor-made for the blogosphere. Baseball fans are passionate about their favorite teams and players and tools like MLBlogs give these fans a voice and a rich network of thought and opinion from around the world. In other words, the blogosphere will only get bigger and better.

7. Happiness is . . .

These days, Tigers’ fans expectations are low. With that in mind, happiness is looking at the standings on the last day of the season and seeing the Tigers above .500.

Be a featured Spheroid so more people can know about your MLBlog. Just email us with your own responses to the nine questions in posts below this one, and take a look at The Daily Fungo. You can also find that Mounted Memories 1984 Tigers Collage above at the MLB.com Shop.

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