Sunday in the MLBlogosphere

Found this Memory Company Chicago Cubs Note Pad that is just made today for Rob’s Ramblings.

Casey Stern blogged about the new Midday show that he will be hosting each day starting at 12:30 p.m. ET on Monday. Please watch the show as a great lunchtime (for people out East, anyway) break, and then join Casey on his blog Sterno Speaks to get regular inside info on the show. Among the scheduled guests for the first week in our studios in New York will be MLBlogger Jorge Cantu, so we’ll be sure to pass along how much fans are digging his MLBlog.

TraceThere’s an MLBlogs connection now to virtually everything we put onto the show lineup, from Fantasy 411 to Midday to Stayin’ Hot to Under the Lights (which interviews MLBloggers on Friday nights). If you haven’t noticed it yet on the homepage, there’s something else very special coming Monday. Watch the Fantasy 411 show at 11:30 a.m. ET, and you will see country star Trace Adkins introduce his new baseball song called "Swing." is the only place where you can hear it first (click that link and listen to a clip now), and hope a bunch of you will check it out and blog your thoughts.

Gabriel’s "Memoirs of the Little League" is now in its fifth part over at DA BRONX BOMBERS
and some good reading that will hit home with a lot of us who can still
remember putting on that first uniform, smelling the leather and hating
rainouts more than anything in life. Also make sure you take a look at
his welcome graphic for new MLBlogger MC Hammer.

Hammer wanted to see more pitches for Barry Bonds to hit, and the fan behind The Yankees From One Mile High
saw first-hand as Bonds deposited it over the left field wall at Coors
Field for No. 709. What if everyone who went to a Major League ballpark
blogged about it after it was over? That would be something like 75
million MLBlogs postings this season, and that doesn’t include playoffs.

SpringcleaningIt must be time for spring cleaning.

Another good MLBlogging tip from Reid at Baseball is Heaven’s gift to Mortals, for those who use Firefox.

It’s amazing what things you can find via MLBlogs. So recent Spheroid My Life as a Tribe Fan included a link  to, and there you could find a Yahoo! News article about the letter "W" entering the mainstream of Swedish language. That’s a good thing now that the White Sox are MLB defending champs and all. There was also an interesting San Diego Union-Trib story there about clubhouse managers who collect bobbleheads.

Please feel free to comment here with some of the most interesting you things you have seen around the MLBlogosphere today . . .

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Blogging about a day at the ball park is fun. I just got back from Yanks/Toronto and detailed it in my blog. Giambi hit a HR that landed 2 seats directly behind me. You could see me jump on TV trying to catch it. That was neat to see. I created a photo album of the trip as well.


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