MLBloggers on MLB Radio

MLBloggers are back on MLB Radio, as the series resumed Friday night with a live appearance by Carl "The Cabbie" Shimkin of the Inside Pitch blog. MLBloggers are featured on the "Under the Lights show" on those nights, talking about baseball, blogging and a little of whatever. Just click on the drop-down menu under "Multimedia" on the homepage to see who’s been on, and don’t be surprised if someone from MLB Radio invites you on the air this season.

Click here to listen to Carl!


See Tuesday post. Thanks.

Will let you all know when I have an answer from Six Apart on that one. Thanks.


Maaaaaaark! Where are you! We neeeeeed you! 🙂

Mark – Is there some sort of file manager that allows us to delete files we’ve uploaded but which are no longer being linked to in our blog? Just because I’m coming up on my space limit.


Wondering about the same megabyte issue also Mark. Should we back up these blogs on an external HD?


I listened to your interview…and ****! You are one smooth talker. Lots of insightful stuff from you. Great voice. Very calm, pleasant, jolly, etc. Wish I could hear you on the radio on a regular basis.


I have a question. When I log into my blog and click “Control Panel,” it says that I’m “allotted” 100 megabytes. Right underneath, it says that my “actual diskspace usage” is 86.06 megabytes. The question is: What happens when I reach 100? Will I have to start deleting entries/photos before I can add new stuff?

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