Recently Updated Photo Albums

Have you started a Photo Album yet? Here are recent examples:



After you create a Photo Album, remember to go to Weblogs–>Edit Design–>Content and select "Photo Album" so that it will be visible in your MLBlog’s sidebar.

Leave comments here with links to your Photo Albums, or email us so we can help show them off.


Hey, Arielle, you’ve shown up there before. “Today’s Lineup” is just another way to highlight all the great MLBloggers out here. As often as possible, those nine are rotated with nine new ones. Some bloggers (such as post the team’s starting lineup that day. I post an MLBlogs “lineup.” 🙂


I have a photo album from when the Sox beat the D-Rays April 18. It’s at:

I’ve been in the land of the Evil Empire for two days (New York) so I may be either behind in all the new changes or just not aware of my surroundings, but what is the Today’s Lineup sidebar?

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