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Marlins Photos by Rusty Kennedy / AP

Hanley Ramirez can sky, and the Florida Marlins proved Friday night that they can win a one-run game. After a major offseason housecleaning, expectations were generally rock-bottom for the young team in teal, but they’ve been known to "shock the world" and our friend Chef Bob over at Deep Fried Fish Blog is carrying the torch in 2006. Here are Nine Questions with today’s featured Spheroid and one of the longest-running MLBloggers:

1. Why do you blog?

We have a great online community at MarlinsBaseball.com where we as Marlin fans have a voice. However, blogging is more of a personal way of showing the world why you care and what we go through as fans of an ever changing team.

2. What was your favorite post?

I would have to say it was my Evil Empire post back in May of 2005. I had fun comparing the rise of the Yankees to the Rise of the Empire in Star Wars. A close second was actually my Return To NY story in which I posted a picture of the lady in front of me that I accidentally spilled water on.

3. What was your strangest blogging experience you’ve ever had?

When a certain popular website looking for material bashed my blog and looked foolish doing it.

Cabrerascoring4. Favorite blogs, including at least one MLBlog:

I read a lot of the MLBlogs, not many others around the Web. The most interesting to me so far has to start out with my buddy Kellia’s Eric Byrnes blog. She always has something great to write about and offers insightful comments on many other blogs. I also read the MLBlogosphere since it’s been updated so frequently. Since I read so many here, two outsiders that I prefer are MavBall, a blog about the Florida Marlins minor leagues, and FishStripes, a very active community blog about the Fish.

5. What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

I now spend about 60 percent of my time on the Net reading blogs and finding new ways to promote my own. So I suppose I’d be getting more fresh air. Now if I ever get my laptop, I can get the air AND blog.

6. Where do you think the blogosphere is going?

We’ve just scratched the surface. There are so many new websites dedicated to blogging, like how to promote your blog, or you can join a community of bloggers and basically become an amateur writer. It’s also a form of stress release. Even if you don’t get any readers, you still have a creative avenue to get your emotions out.

7. Favorite team and why?

This is a tricky question for me. I’ve been an Orioles fan since I can remember and that had to do with my hometown team being their long time triple-A affiliate in Rochester, NY. I chose the Marlins Asparagus_1as my favorite National League team when they came into existence. Slowly, the Marlins found a way into my heart and now I honestly care for both of them equally. I think the Fish really moved ahead in my book when I cooked for them on the Food Network back in July 2000.

8. What is the one thing people don’t know about you?

I’m a Chef that really doesn’t care for any type of meat, except bacon and pepperoni.

9. Happiness is . . .

My family and baseball. Oh yeah, and Cheese.

Join Chef Bob at Deep Fried Fish Blog and be a featured Spheroid by emailing your responses to these questions or the other version below.


The links apparently aren’t working right. I clicked on comments under the “how to increase traffic” and my post ended up here. Sorry.

My comment is in response to the ten ways to increase traffic/exposure for our blogs.

There is a row of options to click on when you first go to MLB.com. If blogs were a heading of it own, the two million fans would have a chance to know that blogs exist.

I started typing this note thinking there was no link at all for blogs. To find blogs, I had to use the search option. Then after many minutes of searching, I found blogs listed under the heading of “more”. Well, the “more” heading is so far over to the right of the screen, that it doesn’t come up on most computer screens. Therefore I suspect that less than 5% of mlb traffic knows that the blogs exist and how to find them.

I think these blogs are a very good idea that needs a little more exposure. Without an easier way for people to find my blog, it does not seem like an effective use of money.

Maybe what could be done would be to add blogs by themselves, or by adding another row of options to click below the one row that is there now.

BTW, Hanley Ramirez should be a stud for this franchise for many years to come, no matter where they call home.

Thanks for the write-up Mark. Great picture of Hanley. In the realm of Marlin fans, he has become somewhat of a favorite and will even have a fan site dedicated to him at http://www.shadeznation.com



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