MLBlogger Friday on MLB Radio

We are continuing what we started last season by featuring MLBloggers on the Friday night live airings of our MLB Radio show, "Under the Lights."

The first one for 2006: Carl (the Cabbie) Shimkin, who posts the Inside Pitch blog here. You can hear him live on MLB Radio at 10:20 p.m. ET on Friday. Will he be making that appearance while driving his New York City taxi? When does he have time to go to a Mets game and come back and blog here? Can’t wait to hear the interview.

And here’s the best part: All of you MLBloggers can interact with your fellow blogger. Send an email during the show or IM the show in that 10 o’clock hour Friday via AIM at mlbradiolive.

We will continue to archive each interview this season in the Multimedia section on the homepage. You can click to hear past MLBloggers’ appearances as well.

This is another benefit of starting your own MLBlog, in case you’re just browsing or lurking here. Your friendly MLBlogs crew is just down the hallway from our MLB Radio studios here at the MLB Advanced Media offices in NYC. Between that and promoting MLBlogs from and all 30 club sites, we can make sure millions of baseball fans can find your blog. So if you don’t have your own MLBlog yet, then take the 30-day free trial and put your blog in the big leagues!

In other MLBlogs news:

Within a 12-hour span, three active Major Leaguers recently saved MLBlog posts: Jorge Cantu, David Wright, Dan Haren. Glad they’re on our MLBlogs Active Roster.

Amazing that Brooks Robinson’s MLBlog
isn’t flooded with comments. Hey, baseball fans — that’s a chance to
ask one of the greatest players in history anything you want! Let us
know if we’re missing something, but that seems like a golden (glove)
opportunity. Had the pleasure of spending time with the "Human Vacuum
Cleaner" during an offseason Legends Dinner in Midtown Manhattan, and
he talked a lot about how much he enjoys having his own MLBlog and
hearing from fans. Comment about anything as Brooksie typically blogs about the comments themselves whereas most bloggers are using MLBlogs as a chronicle for their ongoing thoughts.

Yankee fans in the MLBlogosphere definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to interact with Jim Leyritz, now that he and Vinny Micucci have started their Baseball Today blog. It was 10 years ago this year that "The King" hit the last homer ever at Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium, turning around the 1996 World Series and sending the Bombers on their way to a nice decade.

Speaking of the Yanks, Baseball & The Boogie Down Bronx has a nice Bonds poll you can vote on, and we noticed our friends from Bleeding Pinstripes checked in recently.

Always enjoy Some Ballyard, but have to beg to differ on the experience of watching live baseball over the Internet. Quality is constantly improving and it’s a way of life for millions — including this blogger right here. There’s a Nats-Phils game on MLB.TV on the computer right next to me as I type this, in fact. And it’s about to get even cooler. MLB.TV rocks.

The overall goal behind MLBlogs is to build an ultimate baseball blogging community that truly reflects the ballpark experience itself. Players, managers, umps (we’ll find ’em), fans, club executives, broadcasters, writers, baseball book authors, groundskeepers, mascots . . . and one look at the latest MLBlogs Active Roster and you can see a growing representation along those lines. But sometimes you just aren’t prepared for what it can be like around MLBlogs. One minute we are reading Cantu’s new post, then MC Hammer starts up a baseball blog, then Raymond the Devil Rays mascot checks in. It’s just a crazy mix, but that’s life out at the ballpark.

Thanks again to everyone who has gone along with the Spheroid fun we’re having here. There are a handful lined up, so if we haven’t gotten to yours yet, don’t worry — it’s a marathon season! And you can feel free to respond to either the newer or the older versions of the Nine Questions, as seen in the posts below this one.

Please keep the ideas/comments/questions coming here at the big M.



Also, I hope you all like the Typelist housekeeping I did here. I added Tom Terrific to the Hall of Famers list because he is about to resume MLBlogging after doing it in 2005.

Kellia, that’s a great point you added. Everyone should take Kellia’s lead and leave comments on Brooks’ blogs. Ask him what he thinks of David Wright, his fellow blogger and one of today’s elite 3B.

chadlebeauaz: You just have to be an MLBlogger! Take the 30-day free trial if you haven’t already, and then email to with your responses to the 9 questions being answered in those Spheroids. Also include your MLBlog URL once you’ve started (it’s easy to start, btw). Then I am always looking at that inbox and sorting through the emails from Nigerian royalty fortune opportunities and such to find the ones I really want.


“Amazing that Brooks Robinson’s MLBlog isn’t flooded with comments. Hey, baseball fans — that’s a chance to ask one of the greatest players in history anything you want!”

Maybe people are a little intimidated at the prospect of questioning a Hall of Famer.

Go on, folks, don’t be shy! Brooks is a great guy and a font of baseball knowledge.


I am going to get a MLBlog soon… Can I be interviewed for a spheroid? or do I have to blog for a while.

Go Cabbie! Can’t wait to hear ya…

still a great idea having the bloggers interviewed. As far as Brooks goes, to me he will always be the greatest third baseman to play the game and I enjoy reading his blog.

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