Rookie Ball

So many new MLBloggers have joined The Show since we had Tuesday’s Blogging Birthday Bash here, we thought it was worth some fun rookie treatment. You’ll notice that the homepage now has a "ROOKIES" section that is frequently updated based on all the call-ups from elsewhere around the blogosphere or on those who are just new to blogging.

We also changed the "LOOK WHO’S BLOGGING NOW" panel on that homepage to "MLBLOGS ACTIVE ROSTER." That should include all MLBloggers who are active, or those who have posted at least once in the last month or so (no one is watching the calendar waiting to bump a blogger, though . . . it’s a lot more laid-back in our tech world).

So it should work like this: If you have just started an MLBlog, you will show up in the ROOKIES section. Get in some playing time, and as long as you have changed "My Weblog" to a much more deserving big-league headline on top of your blog, then you will officially move into the MLBLOGS ACTIVE ROSTER panel. Our goal is to give all newcomers here visibility so that others can comment and help them along, and everyone also shows up in the Recently Updated Weblogs feed around the MLBlogs community when they save a new post.

That’s life in version 1.0 here, anyway. Many changes in store going forward in the blog bigs. Great to see so many newcomers starting their own MLBlogs and please feel free to post and comments/questions right here or email us.

Meanwhile on the field, Carp just lost his no-hitter in the sixth at PNC. I did some research and wrote this story on last week about Major League Baseball’s no-hitter drought, which is now a couple of weeks away from becoming the longest since World War II. Unit had the last one in May 2004, and Lowe had the last one in the AL — already the longest AL no-hitter drought since WWII. Hopefully I’ve just jinxed someone tonight — nice to actually see one once in a while.



Re: Nolan Ryan.

I used to work for a company in San Francisco that had a fantasy league. The wifely half of one of our husband and wife teams stopped by my office and told me that the family was going to the Coliseum that night to see Nolan Ryan against the A’s. I said, “Then you might see a no-hitter.” And that is exactly what Nolan did. He pitched the 6th No-No of his illustrious career. He was with the Texas Rangers at the time.

I saw him live only once, early in his career with the Mets. Unfortunately he was not at his best and had to rein in the speed of his fast ball. I remember the blisters, the pickle brine, and his distaste for New York City. He never pitched a No-No there.

That years later, he was pitching no-nos after I had made the transition from high schooler to post-graduate working professional is testimony to his career longevity. I recently heard that he is the Hall of Famer who had the longest career: 27 years.

I remember seeing on TV his last game, and his leaving after popping something in his elbow. After that he told reporters, “I’ll never p;itch again.” He meant baseballs in a professional game. He soon was pitching pain relievers on TV and pitching to college hitters in the Houston area.


This is pretty interesting. It would be fun if someone created a No-Hitter Blog that talked about the closest threat each night. Great memories of the days/nights when Nolan Ryan pitched, especially with the Rangers, and when he had a no-no through six you would be glued to ESPN just waiting to see if it would be another one. Not sure if there is that pitcher out there right now who would be a leading candidate.

I thought the most amazing part of that research was the fact that there were close to 40 no-hitters in the 1990s and there have been only SEVEN this decade (one of them by six Astros). Today was pretty close, a few taken into the sixth inning at least.


I’m predicting the next one will be Roy Oswalt. Not just because I’m psychotic about the Astros. Well, maybe a little. But I really think he’ll do it.

I really enjoyed the article.


Excellent research and article, Mark. (I didnt realize we were in an historic drought.

You haven’t jinxed Schill. He gave up a hit in the first inning. Youk’s leadoff HR ended Waechter’s bid for a no-hitter as well.
I’d say something about Toronto no hitting the Yankees, but with their line-up, I doubt it. I’ll have to settle with Randy Johnson’s blow up last night.


Ramon Castro hit a single in the 6th to break up Huddy’s bid for a no-no. The Braves exacted revenge later in the inning by throwing Castro out at the plate. Still 0-0


Braves v. Mets

Tim Hudson is perfect through 5 against the Mets. (Glavine has pitched a two-hit shut out against the Braves.)

BTW, a tech question. I got an email this morning from someone who wishes to use an alias rather than displaying her full email address on a comment. How is that done?


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