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It felt strange to not have any games during the day today. But that gave us a lot more time to celebrate the first anniversary of MLBlogs with visibility all day on the homepage. Starting with Brooks Robinson at midnight ET to MC Hammer’s debut blog single now and then shortly Jorge Cantu’s first post since the World Baseball Classic, it has been a busy day of changing the panels every hour on the hour to showcase the great blogs in this community.

Now every monitor and MLB.TV screen around our offices here in NYC are cranked with live ball. Things we want to make sure you noticed from the last 24 hours because there has been so much:


Return of Andrew and Brian Kamenetzky, the ESPN the Magazine writers and blogging brothers who were a huge part of MLBlogs liftoff in 2005.

Debut of Steve Stewart’s Bad Boy Blog. He’s Marty Brennaman’s radio booth partner for Reds games.

Live game blogging going on right now between Red Sox Chick and Rays from Across the Pond.

Jesse Sanchez’s special look "inside" the daily manager’s briefing . . . a fact of life for baseball writers.

Kellia at Down the Left Field Line snuck her anniversary thoughts in under the gun, gotta read those.

Can’t possibly list it all here, so also all those "Birthday Wishes" blogs highlighted on the homepage right now, and any other MLBloggers who have taken the time to acknowledge a year’s worth of work by a lot of talented blogganistas (my word after a long day, it’s a cross between blogger and fashionista) building this community.

Oh, and the occasional out-of-the-box post like this one on the Fantasy 411 blog.

Thanks to anyone who was extremely gracious to give quotes for the first-year anniversary article that appeared on the homepage most of the day. Anyone whose quote I could not use because of time is a likely Spheroid-in-waiting.

The Jays just wiped out a quick 4-0 deficit against the Yankee club they are trying to pass this fall. Ah, great to have baseball back. A full afternoon of games without it suddenly seemed like the offseason again, but it’s been fun to remember all that’s happened at MLBlogs since Tommy talked about Jackie.


PS — This is going to blow you away. Stay tuned for your own baseball control room.


The batter/pitcher tool I use is on yahoo. (URL below is to Gonzo’s player page). Click Batter vs Pitcher, then click “Since 1987” tab for career stats. Its a little cumbersome, but the easiest I’ve found.

MLB has a similar tool under Stats, but it’s year by year only. I couldn’t find an effective “career” option?;_ylt=Ao7jpvxVmu4rE7tiHu_8WZ.FCLcF?year=career&type=Batting


Would any of you know the easiest way I could check up on career matchups between pitchers and hitters? e.g. Luis Gonzalez just hit his 500th double and he did it off Matt Morris. How would I find out how Gonzalez has done against Morris over his career?


Is anyone else amazed by the lack of separation in the standings in week 3? With only a few exceptions, the bunching is amazing I think.

Selig was bragging about MLB’s parity the other day. I like tight races, but parity is a double-edged sword. You can have a division like last year’s NL East, where the cellar-dweller ended the season at .500, or you can have parity like last year’s NL Worst, where the divison winner was just 2 games above .500.


Hey Mark, check out the MLBlogosphere Anniversary Poem

Two things upcoming very soon to be really excited about, Mosaic and the All-Star ballot. As for the former, no ETA to report but make sure you have an MLB.TV subscription and then it will be magically (and I mean magically) part of your world. As for the latter, I think it’s going to be a real transformation with so many great young players. Just watching Hawpe 2-2 with a steal tonight, an example of breakout players everywhere. And how about that AL 1B choice you’re going to have? The ballot will be fun to see.

Is anyone else amazed by the lack of separation in the standings in week 3? With only a few exceptions, the bunching is amazing I think. Haven’t compared it to recent years in Week 3 and maybe meaningless now, but that jumps out.

Reid, keep enjoying The Show, nowhere to go but up here.

Wow …. for those fans with REALLY short attention spans!🙂

BTW, congrats on the birthday!


Great job on The Celebration, even if I rag on you for it haha. I know you guys work hard and I also enjoy and frequent the “pretty large baseball site called,” that gave me a good laugh. Bottom line – today is more than a birthday, it’s A Celebration. Good job pulling it off, and keep up the good work man.


When is the mosaic coming though Mark?

I can’t wait any longer…!!!


I started twitching when I clicked that link Mark. Now it won’t stop. Thanks.


Wow! I was drawn to click on “this” and I was completely blown away. I want a subscription…NOW!

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