Big-league Blogging Birthday Bash

The one-year anniversary for MLBlogs is Tuesday, celebrating how this blogging community has grown since Tommy Lasorda started it all with a post about his friend Jackie Robinson last April 18.

We’re already promoting the day-long bash on MLB Radio and will be guiding millions of fans toward tomorrow from and club sites. Hope you will check in throughout the day and night as we showcase cool blogs and look back, and especially looking forward to posts from regulars here about life as an MLBlogger these past months. There’s still time if you have any special requests as well (comment here), unforgettable posts/photo albums that need to be highlighted, etc.

Come one, come all as the big-league baseball blogging community turns one!


Reid: Thanks for passing that link along and will explore the latest case study on experimenting with publishing rules.

Rachel, will make sure people see your continued excellent work!

Hope you all are enjoying the Birthday Blogging Bash!


Hey Mark,

Just wanted to let you know that this post motivated me to add my photo album from inside and outside of the New Busch to go along with my Spring Training pictures. Not there has been a shortage of pics of the new park…but I think they’re nice.


I was looking at some of the referal pages to my site and saw this:

A lot of us MLBloggers are on there, (A LOT.) Anyone know who runs it?


Kellia and Bobby,

Thanks, y’all. I think I got it! Very easy, just like you said. Bobby, that’s hysterical that you get those hits from unsuspecting Google folks, just looking to fry a fish.



I’m Stoked!

Lisa, StatCounter is a great tool(and Free) but it only logs the last 100 visitors unless you pay. No problem on my part because I don’t really get over 100 unique hits/day anyway. It’s fun as well because you see where everyone is from that checks out your blog. I get people that Google “how to deep fry fish” to my site. And then they actually spend about a minute or so there!

I hope the Marlins win so I can post a positive comment on the game.



Wow- It’s been a year already – whoosh!

Thumbing through my massive photo library it almost looks like some surreal travel photo exhibit.

Would be honored to be included – keep up the outstanding job!

Your Blog Brutha From Anutha Mutha,




Deep Fried Fish, Red Sox Chick and Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes have all installed counters from They have some shortcomings, but they are easy to install and will show you where the visitors come from, both in terms of geography and the Internet.



Thanks for checking out my photo album! I had such a nice time doing this one that I am going to attempt to do one from my previous trip in 2005. Once I finish doing captions for the 2006 one, that is.

I have a question that may be a technical question–in light of the anniversary and the hopefully increased traffic to the blogs, I was wondering if it is possible somehow to track the number of visitors we have to our sites. I have a feeling this has something to do with those mysterious widgets, but I’m not entirely sure. As I’ve said, I’m an absolute dunce when it comes to technology…

Thank you for all your help and support!


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