Something to blog about

What is your list of the most interesting things you’ve seen in the first two weeks?

Some examples might include:

Bronson Arroyo: 2 HR
Tadahito Iguchi’s play on Saturday
Oakland’s 3 HR on 3 consecutive pitches Saturday
Tampa Bay full-house for opener and now 6-6
Oscar Villarreal: 4-0 — the newest "go to Atlanta and dominate?"
Mark Mulder’s Opening Day and new Busch
Florida first MLB team to start six rookies for an opener
Chris Shelton
No HRs yet for Barry Bonds
Rockies 7-4
David Wright . . . 463 comments and counting

Fifteen days till Roger Clemens is eligible to re-sign with Houston.


Tiffany, that was amazing, too. What a finish to the first-ever homestand at new Busch.

Kellia, you would need to just link straight to that relevant Top Plays archive page. I’ve posted a few on MLB company blogs to remind everyone to watch videos. Thanks.


After tonight, we can add one more: Pujols going deep 3x, including a walk off.🙂

Go Cardinals.


Another tech point:

Byrnesie just made his first fabulous catch of the year, one of just a few bright lights in an otherwise ugly, ugly loss today. I am really interested both in linking it to a post, as you linked one of last year’s catches to my Spheroid, and setting up a Typelist link page to which I can add each great catch thoughout the year.

You showed me where to find searchable video, but I still don’t know how to link it the way you did. Could you explain that please?

BTW, still having a problem with commenting on DFF, but not on other blogs, and I saw your test comment there. Weird. I’ll try a help ticket if it doesn’t resolve itself overnight.


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