Spheroid: Dugout Diary

It is not music, but a game that makes its own music.
From the singing of the anthem…To the crack of the bat.

So writes Joe Boesch in his latest post on the Dugout Diary, a nice essay about the National Pastime. Here are Nine Questions with today’s featured Spheroid:

Joeboesch_11. Why do you blog?

I’ve been writing for 18 years and love it, as I do baseball. So, MLBLogs just opened another avenue to write. As a youngster growing up, my Grandmother cut baseball stories out of newspapers and would paste them in a book for me. She used to tell me, "you can do this," regarding writing and I decided that I wanted to be a sportswriter.

2. What was your favorite post?

My favorite post is actually my coverage of the World Baseball Classic. I wasn’t too crazy on the "Classic" but when I saw the first game of Japan vs. China I was hooked. So, I started writing everyday about the "Classic" and I had some great feedback.

3. What was your strangest blogging experience?

I never had a strange blogging experience, but I’m sure I will.

4. Favorite blogs, including at least one in the MLBlogosphere:

My favorite blogs are Inside Pitch, with Carl "The Cabbie," Red Sox Chick and The Big Red Mechanic. Other blogs I enjoy are: Mark Cuban’s Blog Maverick and Deadspin.

5. What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

I would be sitting in a ballpark eating as many hot dogs I can and then washing them down with a nice cold beer, and having peanuts as dessert.

6. Where do you think the blogosphere is going?

I think it’s only the beginning of something bigger and better. MLB.com, from what I’ve seen, is the only professional sports organization with a large amount of blogs.

Habyan7. What is your favorite team and why?

My favorite team is the Baltimore Orioles. As a young writer, I had the chance to cover pitcher John Habyan and write a bunch of stories about him. He was kind, approachable and answered all of my crazy baseball questions.  He was a class act, as were the Orioles.

8. What is one thing people here don’t know about you?

The one thing that people don’t know about me is that I served for five years in the Military. I was part of a Security Force in the reserves and people never knew I did that. After 9/11 happened, it change my life and way of thinking.

9. Happiness is . . .

. . . being at the ballpark with the sun going down and a game playing. What a different world.

Would you like to be a featured Spheroid here? Other MLBloggers would like to know more about you, so please email your own responses to those questions (or your own questions).


Hey Bobby,

Yeah, John pitched for the Rochester Red Wings and then shortly later, was traded to the Yankees were he pitched in Long Relied. He pitched in the Majors for almost 11-years, retiring in 1997. Currently, he coaches baseball at St. John the Baptist High School in West Islip, New York.

Take care,



I remember John as a Red Wing…I think he is in my 1986 team set.

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