A birthday and a tip

Tuesday will mark the one-year anniversary of MLBlogs, and we plan to do it up right all that day. The "hard launch" of MLBlogs.com was actually at the end of last April, with the promotion on the MLB.com homepage and 30 club sites, but it all literally began on April 18, 2005, when Tommy Lasorda saved the first post to an MLBlog and started a new mode of baseball content and communication.

We’ll talk more about that on Tuesday. For now, here’s a helpful tip to MLBloggers who have inquired about the subject. Spent some time here at the MLB.com offices last night with Zack Hample, known affectionately to many around the MLBlogosphere as The Baseball Collector. Zack noted that his Archives on the side panel only go back to July 2005, because the max it will show in that area are the previous 10 months. And that is especially significant to people like him, because he already has written one book about his baseball-snagging adventures (No. 2,800 is approaching) and is able to use his MLBlog to document his hobby for whatever might be ahead.

BbcscreenshotTo go beyond those 10 months, just click on the bottom month on the list. Then at the top of that page you will see what is captured on the screenshot here.

Click the June 2005 link, and just keep clicking the first link on each subsequent page to go back or ahead or to the main page. You will find your way to that author’s first post, whoever it may be. Typepad has them all archived. And they also should be readily available to you under "List Posts" in your blog software.

Anything special you want to see throughout the Tuesday blogfest, besides all of your favorite bloggers posting around the clock like they’re Ernest Hemingway? Can we blog and eat our birthday cake, too?



Excellent point by Reid, nice find. And just to simplify the “FULL homepage address” thing…anyone can just click on the headline of their blog, and then type at the end of that URL: archives.html. Then enter. Just did that for Zack’s and indeed it shows more than the last 10 consecutive months. It might even be worth taking that URL and putting it into a Typelist in the case of The Baseball Collector or anyone else who wants one-click access to the full archives instead of the usual 10-month feed.

another quick thing i’ve noticed – you can pull up a page of your archives by basically adding the word ‘archives’ to the end of your FULL homepage address. For example,


Then you see a neat little page that lists all your archives organized by dates and organized by catagories – I assume catagories only show up if you have them enabled, obviously.


Worked fine for me and haven’t heard that problem from anyone else…try again and if it’s not working you might need to send a help ticket to six apart from your blog software. thanks,



Tech issue. I just tried to leave a comment at Deep Fried Fish and the comment box did not appear after I signed in.



Mark! Why didn’t I realize how to do that sooner? Thanks. Still, I was hoping for a way to actually display all the old months on my main page, but that’s fine…at least all my old writing still exists. Nice running into you again after a looooong offseason.

Diane, that’s pretty easy — you’re basically exporting to a file on your hard drive, and then from your other blog you’re going to import from that same file. To do that from your Six Apart blog software, go to Weblogs–>Post–>Import/Export.

You can click the Export link at the bottom of the page to start the process, or just click the link on the right of that page for a set of instructions to guide you. Then it says:


To export posts from your weblog, click the Edit Posts shortcut link for the weblog on your Weblogs tab. Then click the Import/Export link to enter the Export area.

To save the exported data to a file, you can right-click the Export link and choose Save Target As… to choose a location. On the Macintosh, hold down the option key while clicking on the link.

This will give you a file that contains your weblog posts. The file can be saved on your local computer as a backup, or imported into another weblog.


Dust bunnies and pizza sauce? I’ve never eaten bunnies, but I guess pizza sauce can improve any meat (or dust) dish.

Did you know a bunny is a rodent? We wouldn’t care to eat rats, but eating bunnies works for some folks.

Red Sox Chick posted a really hot photo of Mike Timlin aiming his bow and arrow. He was going after feral pigs that day, but I wonder if he’s ever shot a bunny!

Actually, I have eaten bunnies, come think of it…if chocolate bunnies count.

Yeah, I know I’m getting weird. But DaVanon has started in CF for the D’Backs two out of the last three games. See how scrambled my brain gets (like eggs, which are not where bunnies, chocolate, dust or furry, with or without pizza sauce, come from) when Byrnesie doesn’t start?



Hey Mark!

I understand we can export the archives into other TypePad ventures (such as Blogger). Perhaps you can have one of your techies post on just how to do that?

April 18th? Well, that gives us something else to remember on that date besides the San Francisco ’06 Earthquake.



Early happy birthday to you, Mr. Mad Dog!

Sound Mark,
worth keeping in mind thanks.

It’s my birthday tomorrow so mlblogs and me are quite close haha…

It’s a truely wonderfull place, full of very knowledgeable fans..

long may it last



I actually figured that out on my own a few weeks ago. I just happened to be looking for an old story and got a little nervous when the archives seemed to only go back a little bit. By chance, I followed the links at the top and found what I was looking for. Thanks for the tip!

And when I do blog AND eat my cake, it usually winds up on the keyboard right along side the pizza sauce and the dust bunnies.

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