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AP Photo / Peter Morgan

We’ll be showcasing the final Opening Day MLBlogs of the year — six more home openers today. What happened at Yankee Stadium is not a good omen for the Red Sox and the rest of the American League East. The Yankees have won nine consecutive home openers, and in each of the previous eight years that season has finished with New York and Boston 1-2 in the division.

Nice to see so many new blogs started each day here as the first
anniversary of MLBlogs is now just days away (we’ll do something
special to commemorate it). The Diamond Cutter is one of the newest and please drop by and welcome a Twins fan to the community.

Just added the word "SPHEROID" beside some MLBloggers in the blue "Look Who’s Blogging Now" panel on the MLBlogs.com homepage. If you click one, it will take you to this blog’s Nine Questions post with that day’s featured Spheroid here. Email your responses to those questions you see on the posts below here, so you can be featured and get more people to your blog.

The Baseball Collector hit the century mark with his latest snagging post, but you absolutely have to see his subsequent post to catch a glimpse of what happens when ball meets bat. Amazing.

Speaking of blog photos, if you didn’t see the link on the MLBlogs.com media wall (that’s the photo and blurb so you know our jargon at MLBAM), be sure to see the one that Cardinals beat writer Matthew Leach of MLB.com snapped on his mobile phone just before the first Major League game at new Busch Stadium. It’s a beauty (that’s his office view at least 81 days a year — nice), and you can talk baseball with Matthew at Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer. Feel free to ask him how he got the pic from his handset to his blog. It would be great to see more moblogging here like that.

Our friend Steve Mitchell north of the border started Diehard Ball Fan here the first month we launched MLBlogs last season, and you can hear his appearance on MLB Radio (along with other MLBloggers) if you click the drop-down in the Multimedia section on the lower left side of the MLBlogs.com homepage. Some of you have asked, and his domain at jays.mlblogs.com hasn’t been showing up for reasons that have continued to mystify this house blogger. While we try to get that corrected, those of you who have asked still can find your way to Steve’s very good blog by going to http://jays.mlblogs.com/diehard_ball_fan. Working on that one…

Five Spanish-language MLBlogs were just created for the official Houston Astros site that is in Spanish, a great addition for the many Astros fans who speak that language. All MLBlogs show up on the Recently Updated Weblogs automated feed, including those. So a big welcome to those new bloggers, and even if you don’t speak Spanish, they are multilingual MLB experts and it might even be worth copying into the Google Translator. It’s an international game and this will be an international MLBlogs community more and more.

Keep an eye on Mark it Down as MLB.com’s Yankees reporter, Mark Feinsand, blogs from the opener at Yankee Stadium. He also has a reminder about how you can be part of his weekly mailbag on yankees.com. And joining those like DA BRONX BOMBERS who wish Bob Sheppard a speedy recovery.

Please leave any questions/comments about MLBlogs right here…



Marc, you’re added now and thanks. We comment out any blogs in that panel’s script if they have no posts in roughly a month (it’s not scientific, just loosely keeping it active), and you resumed posting the start of April and it hadn’t been added yet. Thanks for the heads-up.

Reid/Marc, the input is much appreciated. For the time being here still in version 1.0 of MLBlogs, we’ll be prominently displaying the MLB personalities to show who everyone can blog alongside (Tommy, Wright, Haren, Brooks, etc.) and you can see that we mix fans and MLB personalities as much as possible in that display. It’s manual for now and we try to mix it up as best as possible. The Recently Updated Weblogs feed is from Six Apart, which hosts MLBlogs, and that is the place where people can view who is recently posting. Expect upgrading of the overall presentation in the near future but for now we’re just trying to showcase everyone who blogs in the way just described.

Keep the input coming, it’s much appreciated here.


Hey Mark,
Just curious why I am not listed in the “Who’s Blogging Now” panel?

I like Reid’s idea about ordering them by last update.

Thanks for all the help you provide!!



Mark listen, I’ve got an idea for the new Look Who’s Blogging Now Panel – you’ve said before it should be replaced.

What if you were able to browse blogs by the date updated? The best solution would be to end up with a ‘look who’s blogging now’ panel that was ordered from newest to oldest, while the 10-part list would still remain everywhere. Additionally, you could ‘browse’ through the blogs by seeing those blogs updated today, yesterday, two days ago, in the last week, etc. I’m not sure how you would select this, (maybe a drop-down menu that pulled up a new page?) Just an idea, anyway. And thanks for the sidebar add.



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