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Dear everyone:

Blog Bling is now available at the Typepad Widget Gallery. Browse and see if there are ways to make these MLBlogs even more stellar. A quick experiment with ImageChef put the license plate on the right of this one. There appear to be some things that require a specific Typepad account as opposed to an MLBlogs account. But try it out. MLB Advanced Media partnered with Six Apart — the creators of Typepad (and a lot of Giants fans) — to create MLBlogs, so it’s worth a look.


The slideshow I created above might take a bit to load, but just think of it as a batter stepping out between pitches. If you watch all of it, you’ll see some familiar faces in this community. MLB team logos are proprietary to MLBloggers. Enjoy.



Chef Bob, great story about your friend. I was amazed that the Herald’s story didn’t link you directly to his page but guess that’s newspaper mindset.

Dave, apologies for the oversight and you are there now. Have also just added “SPHEROID” next to those MLBloggers who have been featured here…and at the moment trying to link so that it opens a new window correctly so bear with glitches for the moment…


When will I be in the BIG BLUE BOX?????? I’m feeling left out boo-hoo…..MAD MADDOG

Woo-hoo! I made it into the montage!

sweet deal….more toys! After your blurb about my side content, I’m bent on making it even more interesting. This is a good start.

btw Mark, a friend of mine got some serious local coverage about his Marlins fan site. The deal is he lives in Brooklyn and has the largest Marlin fan site on the net.

you can read the story at

It actually made the FRONT PAGE of the paper, not just the sports section, but the front main page. Pretty cool ish.


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