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Who’s Hot

It’s always fun to look at the Stats page at MLB.com this time of year, and at this moment one Christopher Bob Shelton from Salt Lake City is jumping off the League Leaders page with that smiling face in the BA and HR categories. No idea where he and the Tigers will finish this fall, but what a start in the Jim Leyland era — most notably that big win over Kevin Millwood today, and that 100-mph gas from Justin Verlander.

David_wright_promoSomething else especially jumps out right now on that page, and it’s under the Who’s Hot category. It says David Wright is 8-for-16 with 2 HR and 6 RBI, but what it doesn’t say is:

200 Comments. That’s what the Met’s third baseman has received after one day of being an MLBlogger. If someone is aware of any other recorded blog by one individual (not counting those White Sox and Astros Fan Guestbook blogs we started here last October) that drew 200 comments in the first day, please post the link here. It might be Guinness Book of World Records stuff. For the record, the first comment was posted by our own Diane from Diamonds are for Humor. Many of those commenters are coming to the blog from that panel on mets.com, and hopefully they’ll want to start an MLBlog once they get there to post alongside him.

If you want to up your own comment total, one tried-and-true way is to post a comment on a blog like Wright’s and make sure your URL is under your name. Ask that blogger and others to come visit. Leave welcome comments for rookies in the MLBlogs community — there are new ones being created all the time, and then you’ll become one of their favorites.

And how about the Brew Crew? Imagine how good they could be when Ben Sheets comes back.

Who’s Not

Pennsylvania is a combined 0-10 so far. But MLBlogosphere still loves the fact that Larry Shenk is a blogger. That’s hot.


If someone here will please give a movie review of the new movie Benchwarmers, it would be great if you could post a comment with the link here so we can promote it on the MLBlogs.com page this week. And speaking of movies, our Yankee scribe Mark Feinsand has a movie tip to share.

Welcome back

Monkey Business


Somehow, I keep forgetting that Pittsburgh is in Pennsylvania. That 0-10 stat is really amazing.

Zack, Given that start, I think a lot of Pennsylvanians would like to forget that Pittsburgh is in Pennsylvania.



Mark, Thank you for the recommendation (shameless plugs are all good). I have purchased “Inside the Magical Seasons” but have hidden it from myself because of the mountains of schoolwork piling up on my desk and bedside table. It’s first on my summer reading list!

Thank you also for the nod in “Today’s Lineup”… I’m super-excited to be blogging again (so excited that apparently I’m now sounding like a cheerleader) and hope to keep improving it, although I am somewhat limited by my absolute incomprehension of technology. Thanks again!

Kellia, nice to see a blog start with an Oliver Wendell Holmes quote, even if the game ended badly for you.


I used an Audrey Hepburn quote in the middle of one of my Byrnes essays last season. I have F. Scott Fitzgerald and former Senator John Edwards waiting in the wings if I can get my articles on money done.

I call the blog Life, Baseball and Eric Byrnes in part because they all interweave. So it’s great to be able to use a quote from a non-baseball player. And it’s great to have a reader get the point.



Kellia, nice to see a blog start with an Oliver Wendell Holmes quote, even if the game ended badly for you.

Zack, I think they’re still in Steeler gagaland so not worried much anyway.

Lisa, hope you bought the “Inside the Magical Seasons” book that we put together for Astro fans like you who have watched Biggio and Bagwell for years. It’s MLB.com’s first book and it’s in the Shop. Now that the shameless plug is out of the way, drop me a comment anytime you are having .tv/GDA issue and I’ll hook you up with customer service here.


Mark, As an Astros fan, I don’t know whether to be delighted to watch the Brewers or a little nervous. Right now, I’m enjoying them though. When they play us, it may be a different story.

Thanks for noticing Biggio’s 2800th…. I’m going to have to take some strategic vacation days to follow the team around next year. I’ve been in love with Biggio and the way he plays the game since I was nine years old, and I’d love to see #3,000. I noticed your suggestion a couple of posts ago to think about how we bloggers fell in love with our team… Craig Biggio was a big part of it for me.

I am indeed having technological gremlins… Have tried the help line but it hasn’t been super-helpful…

Thanks for commenting. Visit any time! http://forloveoftheastros.mlblogs.com.

Somehow, I keep forgetting that Pittsburgh is in Pennsylvania. That 0-10 stat is really amazing.

Brew Crew pitched lights out in their first meeting with the D’Backs, but I think the Snakes, and specificially their (mis)manager, gave Milwaukee the second game!


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