Did you Get it Wright?


That’s the answer above to the question asked in the previous post here.

Please welcome Mets third baseman David Wright to the MLBlogosphere.

And you can even help choose a permanent name for his new blog. The winner will be recognized here at MLBlogs by David himself.

Same goes for Dan Haren’s new blog that launched this week. If you have a better suggestion than Haren’s Heat, then leave it as a comment on his blog.

Blogging right alongside Major Leaguers is a pretty cool concept. True, you can blog elsewhere for free. But you can’t do THAT anywhere else…



Where is the love for “Haren’s Heat”?

It’s great.

I haven’t been to David’s blog yet…but I’m getting the biggest kick out of Danny’s.

Kellia, feel free to make those suggestions on their blogs…we just changed it from The Wright Stuff to Get it Wright at the last minute. It’s temporary either way, awaiting David’s favorite name from the commenters…


Oh, I think David’s blog should be called The Wright Stuff” after all, he’s got it!

And I like Haren’s Heat, on the mound and on the blog, even though the A’s keep giving me reasons to get mad at them. The closing off of the third deck being but the latest.

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