On deck: More openers and a big name

Opening Day is really Opening Week these days in Major League Baseball, with the pageantry spread out from that first Sunday night opener at U.S. Cellular Field to those first homestands for the teams that started on the road. The Cubs, Indians and Angels open at home on Friday, and unquestionably Tonyone of the highlights will be at 4:10 p.m. ET Monday when an era begins with Brewers vs. Cardinals at new Busch Stadium in St. Louis. For this reason, we’ve gone back to the panel on the MLBlogs.com homepage that spreads the wealth and showcases what each team’s fan bloggers are talking about during this start to another incredible regular season.

Speaking of the Cardinals, their manager is an MLBlogger and he invites you to take the La Russa Family Challenge.

Oakland A’s right-hander Dan Haren made his season debut on the mound this week, and he also had a smashing debut as an MLBlogger. Be on the lookout, because a National League star is about to join the MLBlogging force any time now. Feel like guessing? Leave your comments with your picks here, and if you guess right, then all of your fellow MLBloggers will have nothing but admiration for your powers of prescience. That’s the only clue you get.

Ever want to ask a Hall of Famer whatever you want? Brooks Robinson encourages your comments over at Brooks Robinson’s Hot Corner. For the past year, he has been blogging primarily as a response to comments left by inquiring fans like you.

One of the fun things about this particular Opening Week has been seeing how it’s been chronicled by fans at the blogging community that is the official affiliate of MLB.com. We launched MLBlogs a few weeks into the 2005 season, so this has been a true first.



Searchable video:


Or click Top Plays Archive under the main Multimedia heading on any club site such as D-Backs:


Yeah…if MLB.com could provide an archive of games – with MLB All Access you can search for at bats based on a variety of fields, but only for the current season – that would be great. Oh well.



Another tech question. Mark,

Thanks for the link to the Eric Byrnes defensive gem. I am doing a bit of re-arranging of my blog. Does mlb.com have an archive of plays I could access to build a typelist linking to other great plays by Byrnesie?

Been aware of the first issue and have emailed him to no avail. As for Eric the Great, nope and it reminds me that surgery ended BA in KC blog last year.

Technical issue: Everytime I click the link for diehard ball fan, I get a 404.

Big name NL guy going to join the blogosphere? Well…I hear Eric Gagne isn’t going to be doing any pitching any time soon…

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