Why you love that team

Every MLBlogger has a story. Even if you chose the MLB template here instead of one of the three team template options, you probably have a favorite Major League team. It would be interesting to know how you fell in love with that team in the first place.

Was just thinking about that while reading a new blog here called The Twins, Stuff & Stuff. So many of us move from place to place in their careers, and some of us hold onto that first MLB love and some of us adopt the team where we relocate. Millions of us rely on the modern miracle of MLB.TV to keep us plugged in to that team in the place we once called home.

UnclejohnnyWhen I fell in love with Major League Baseball for the first time, it was because of that same Twins franchise. It was the days of Killebrew and Carew, and the days of a boy’s uncle named Johnny Goryl. "Gentleman John" played for the Twins in the ’60s, coached them, later managed them, went on to be Mike Hargrove’s bench coach on the Indians’ 1997 World Series team, and today celebrates nearly 50 years in the Majors with a continued role in the Indians organization. It was because of that, back in the days of being around those Twins, when Killer held you up high on his shoulders, that a boy fell in love with Major League Baseball and the team with the intertwined "TC" on the cap.

One day while you are working for the interests of 30 clubs in the greatest game on Earth, you look back and remember with a smile how this all began. Everyone has a story. Not that you all need a new topic to blog about, judging by the blur of Recently Updated Weblogs, but it would be interesting to hear how you fell in love with that team.



Thanks, Tiffany — hooked you up with our Customer Service via email.



I don’t know if you have some kind of email that you can get me for support for MLB.TV. I’ve been blacked out from every game I’ve wanted to see this year (plus one in Spring training), and I’m not supposed to be. Normally, I call and they send me a token, but the number has been busy all day yesterday and all day today. So, if you have an email I can try instead, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!



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