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Read the ninth response on this list, and you can see why today was Happiness. Eric Byrnes went 3-for-5 in his Diamondbacks debut at Colorado, and that will be big (but not unexpected) news at Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes. Nine Questions for Kellia, today’s featured Spheroid at MLBlogs:

1. Why do you blog?

I’m a writer by nature. It’s fun to write about baseball and to publish my own opinions.

2. What was your favorite post?

Hmm. That’s a three-way tie among the poem Down the Left Field Line, which I am including in my soon to be self-published book “Near the Raggéd Edge of Earth”; More Answers for Eric: The Batting Stance Article (every fan thinks he or she knows how to fix a problem a favorite player is having); and Comments from Eric Byrnes’ Fans, just because I love hearing from other people who like Byrnesie.

3. What is the strangest blogging experience you’ve ever had?

I had an outrageously huge number of hits one particular day, over 1,500. Turns out that another website that is not especially fond of Byrnesie wrote about him and linked to me. Not a single person clicking that link that day, the next day, or since, has left a comment.

4. Favorite blogs, including at least one at MLBlogs:

I visit Red Sox Chick every day. I’m also a regular at Daryl’s Place and Deep Fried Fish.

5. What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

I’d spend more time producing my informative but depressing public affairs CDs. I’ve got a backlog of those to edit.

6. Where do you think the blogosphere is going?

I don’t know. That’s why we play the game!

Eric7. Favorite team and why?

The Arizona Diamondbacks because they have Eric Byrnes. I discovered during Byrnesie’s itinerant, abysmal and aberrant 2005 that it’s not possible for me to root for one guy on a team without wanting the whole team to do well. So this year I’m rooting for the Snakes. When Byrnesie moves again, my team “loyalty” will go with him.

8. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I’ve never met Eric Byrnes and I own nothing autographed by him.

9. Happiness is . . .

. . . watching Eric Byrnes have a great day. One hit or defensive gem (like this one: 350K) is cause for good cheer. But True Elation is seeing a multi-hit day with at least 1 RBI. Getting paid is pretty nice too; independently-produced public affairs journalism and part-time radio station tech work is nowhere nearly as lucrative as professional baseball.

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Yup, He doesn’t take it for granted. Unfortunately, he’s not as appreciated as he should be. Bob Melvin, manager of the D’Backs, is stabbing him in the back. Meanwhile, I am still thawing out from my first trip to “Whatever they’re calling it this year” Park in SF (4/28). I will write about the experience later today.

But I will leave the “I saw Jeff DaVanon let a ball drop in for a single that Byrnesie would have caught” story for a special article I’m working on about Byrnes that I am shooting for posting on Monday.

Drop by the Byrnesblog anytime, Bridget. You are not alone!



I am so glad that other people appreciate Byrnsie as much as I do. I wish he was still with the A’s. He is so much fun to watch. You can tell he doesn’t take it for granted.


Thanks for the link to the Eric Byrnes defensive gem. I am doing a bit of re-arranging of my blog. Does mlb.com have an archive of plays I could access to build a typelist linking to other great plays by Byrnesie?

Congrats! I weighed in on April 3rd in honor of Opening Day and am now minus 20 lbs since mid November. But that’s only a third of my goal. And a few days ago I dreamt of sharing a box of assorted cookies with someone. It was some other woman but I remember the cookies more than the person. And lately, I have been thinking about Boog Powell’s spare rib joint at Camden Yards, even though I abandoned the Orioles when they abandoned Byrnesie. But yeah, Canden Yards is beautiful, or so I have been told by anyone I know who has been there. And when I was watching them a lot late last year, the announcers kept mentioning Boog’s rib place. I would like to try it. I like ribs, though I’m laying off them these days.

oh yeah, I really should make that a goal when I retire….in 33 years. btw, I’m at about 22 pounds lost and I won the bet with my co-workers. Cha-Ching!

“Byrnes for President!”

Zack, Byrnesie won’t be old enough next election. He’ll be only 32 (and still playing baseball, I hope!) and the Constitution says you have to be 35. (And I hope he’s one of those guys who plays until he’s 40-42). But if he ever did run for Prez on a “Baseball, Not War” platform, I could go for that.


Thanks. I love writing about baseball in general and Byrnesie in particular. So I hope I can keep it up. But it’s a good thing today is an off day for the D’Backs. I have to attend to bill-paying work.

I know we are both working on losing weight, but doesn’t a food tour of the 30 MLB parks sound like a great idea?

One of the best on MLBlogs, keep it up Kellia! Oh, and thanks for the plug,:)



The phrase “giving 110 percent” makes me wanna hurl…but I do love guys who hustle. Byrnes for President!

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