Time begins again


The newest MLBlog to introduce is a familiar face to many within Major League Baseball. Victor Rojas just launched his new blog, and to the Victor go The Spoils. He is in his third season as a member of the Rangers
radio broadcast team, previously working in the Diamondbacks booth. Rojas joins other "booth bloggers" such as Daron Sutton of the Brewers, Matt Underwood of the Indians and Jim Deshaies of the Astros.

Opening Day is really Opening Week, and now it’s under way. White Sox VP of Communications Scott Reifert just posted the first official "season post" to Inside the White Sox, which was the most-viewed MLBlog of 2005. It captures the moment in a behind-the-scenes way that you will not find in any other media, and also be sure to look at the blog’s selection of the 22 best moments from 2005 (with video clips) as the perfect transition to tonight.

Welcome back to Julie, who invites you over to Forever Braves and give your latest reason why someone other than Atlanta is supposed to win the NL East this time. Even as I’m typing this, someone just created a new Mets blog and that person no doubt has a comment for Julie.

Inside the Dodgers checked in today with the First Official Starting Lineup post. That MLBlog is maintained by Josh Rawitch and colleagues in the Dodgers’ front office. You can read what the media have to say about the team, or you can just get your unfiltered info this way like an IV for those who bleed Dodger blue. And you can communicate directly with the club by commenting.

MLBloggers are capturing the exitement of arguably the best time in the calendar year. Reid’s MLBlog at Baseball is Heaven’s gift to Mortals is a great example. You can feel the magic as far away as England with Rays from across the Pond, as John gives you his last-minute predictions and sees the Cardinals beating the Angels in the World Series. MLBloggers are serious baseball fans, as you can see from him waiting up for a 1 a.m. first pitch in England time.

Welcome to another new MLBlogger, mad dog reports. Lots of barking already. Gotta love someone taking the psycho.mlblogs.com domain. Who do you think is the most rabid fan around here? Will anyone be able to top The Heckler? Maybe you aren’t as notoriously loud as that nationally renowned rowdy at The Trop, but an MLBlog lets your personality come out.

Speaking of MLBlog domains. You may have noticed that we have reserved blogs for any current player names. The moment an A-Rod or a Pujols decides to join us here, we don’t want to have to tell them to hang on while we ask someone if they will let us borrow that name back. And some more players are on the way. Let’s get the season under way first.

Jamey Newberg has an MLBlog that is widely read inside and outside the Rangers organization, and make sure you see his take on the David Dellucci trade.

BrooksPlease spread the news of MLBlogs to your friends, not only to make your own blog more viral but also to bring new fans into the mix. It’s the only baseball blogging community where you can be accessed from everywhere at MLB.com and 30 club sites. How do you like our new MLB.com homepage? Maybe you noticed that the word "Blogs" is now right on the first screen of that page, a gateway for more than 2 billion uniques in 2005. MLBlogs is the only place where you can have the official team marks and logos without having to be legally hunted down through search (common occurrence), where you can blog alongside Tony La Russa and Jorge Cantu and Brooks Robinson et al, and we’ll be using more search enhancements in the future to make you even more visible.

As The Talented Mr. Roto closes out his latest must-see fantasy post: Happy Opening Day, everyone! Let the games begin, remember to set your clocks ahead one hour, and leave your questions/comments/suggestions right here for anything pertaining to MLBlogs or email mlblogosphere@yahoo.com.


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I am having trouble accessing Victor Rojas blog. I keep getting 404 file not found.

What problems are you running into, Eric? Happy to help, and I’ll email you customer service contact info as well.

is it widespread problems with mlb.tv or just me?

I must be the only Rockies blogger on here… I haven’t seen my blog rotated off yet.

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