Spheroid: Sox Pride

Adam Hoge was sitting behind the plate the last time the White Sox played a game at home, and it only seemed fitting to feature him as today’s Spheroid now that the world champs are about to play their first game there Sunday since that glorious cold and rainy night at U.S. Cellular Field. Nine Questions with the guy behind Sox Pride:

1. Why do you blog?

I’m a Journalism major and love writing. However, all the sportswriting I do at school is about the Wisconsin Badgers. That is my job. My MLBlog allows me to write freely about the team I love more than anything else. Sharing my thoughts and opinions to other White Sox fans and baseball fans and getting feedback from them just makes the experience of following the White Sox that much better.

Adamanddad2. What was your favorite post?

It would have to be Don’t Stop Believing!!! That phrase and song became pretty cliche during the White Sox run last October, but it meant so much on the night of Oct. 23, 2005. That was night Paul Konerko hit the grand slam and Scott Podsednik hit the walk-off homer in Game 2 of the World Series. I was sitting behind home plate with my Dad and that was the greatest night of my life. Being able to come home and write a post that linked one baseball game to my whole life and my relationship with my Dad was incredible. It really shows you the meaning of sports.

3. Strangest blogging experience?

I was in Minnesota last August for a three-game series with the Twins. It was right when the White Sox were beginning to slip and we lost a heartbreaking 1-0 game where Freddy Garcia pitched a one-hitter, that one hit being a solo homer in the eighth to Jacque Jones. That night I wrote a post challenging the effort the rest of the team. One of my readers challenged my negativity and threatened not to read my MLBlog anymore. The next morning a wrote a more optimisic response and sure enough we won the next two games to win the series.

4. What is your favorite blog, including at least one MLBlog?

Obviously I enjoy Scott Reifert’s Inside the White Sox. As the club’s VP of Communications, his MLBlog has served a very informative source and you can trust it because it is coming straight out of the front office. The Dog Ate Daron’s Homework is also a favroite because I feel Daron Sutton is one of the most underrated broadcasters in the game and I enjoy watching the Brewer games in Wisconsin and getting his thoughts on things. Red Sox Chick I can really relate to as a fellow diehard fan who won a World Series for the first time in a lifetime, and I didn’t hold it against her when she trashed A.J. Pierzynski, although I did give her a hard time about it.

5. What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

Spending more time on my school work like I should be doing.

6. Where do you think the blogosphere is going?

The MLBlog network is one of the most ingenious ideas I have ever seen. I started my blog at the beginning of May last year and saw it take off. It is getting a little confusing with all of the blogs out there now, but there are some really intelligent people out there who know a lot about their teams. With the way technology is evolving, the blogoshpere can only get better.

7. Favorite team and why?

People always ask me how I am a White Sox fan when I grew up in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. Well, both of my parents are Sox fans so that is a pretty simple enough answer. But my love for the White Sox stems from my love of baseball, which my uncle from Minnesota (a Twins fan) instilled in me. And that is why I am such a crazy Sox fan. One of colleagues at the radio station in Madison told me last month that I am the most devoted fan to a specific team that he has ever seen. KonerkoAnother said he felt honored to know me because I was such a big fan. Both comments were said in a sarcastic "Yeah, but you are a actually a crazy person, too" tone, but I took pride anyway, because that is how I want to be when it comes to my team.

8. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I actually worked at Wrigley Field in the summer of 2004 as an usher. My mindset was that if the Cubs were in town, that meant the White Sox were on the road. So I could work when the Sox were gone and not have to worry about work when the Sox were home.

9. Happiness is . . .

. . . having friends and family around to enjoy the best moments of life. Whether that’s a wedding or a Paul Konerko grand slam ( 350K) in the World Series, nothing compares.

Feel free to send your own responses to those nine questions (or substitute your own questions) to mlblogosphere@yahoo.com and we will continue to highlight Spheroids like you.

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