Random Facts about MLBlogs

Random facts:

Most-Commented Post: Official Astros World Series Guestbook, 741 Comments. If there is another blog out there on the Internet that has drawn more comments, please respond below with a link. A weblog can be used for many things as a form of communication, and in this case we created one so that Astros fans could leave their congratulations for players, and the comments were made visible in the clubhouse.

Most-Commented Blog: Official White Sox World Series Guestbook, 747 Comments. They had the benefit of two posts because we created one more after they swept the Astros. That was 442 posts for the pennant and 305 for the first world championship in 88 years.

(As you’ve noticed, you need to be registered at MLB.com to leave comments on MLBlogs. This was very valuable for fans in that moment of glory and it was very valuable for the Astros and the White Sox. It was trying something new and an example of how MLBlogs make life better. Think about how MLBlogs can work for you.)

TonyTony La Russa is the first active manager to establish an MLBlog. To those who know the Cardinals’ skipper, it should come as no surprise that he is using this blog as a way to raise awareness of his Animal Rescue Foundation. Hopefully people will spread the word around here about the ARF Blog and help a very worthy cause. By the way, how many MLBloggers have companion animals and what are they doing while you’re blogging here?

Brooks Robinson is eager to hear from you at Brooks Robinson’s Hot Corner with any questions/comments. His MLBlog is primarily geared toward responding to your comments, and he’s been at it for almost all of the last year. It is an incredible opportunity — an exclusive way to ask one of the best players in Major League history whatever you want.

Michael McHugh might be the youngest blogger here, at 14. You might remember Michael as the kid reporter we at MLB.com enlisted to help cover the 2004 All-Star Game festivities in his hometown of Houston. He has remained a part of our world through his MLBlog at Look Who I Just Interviewed! and his work on our MLB.com Kids area. This dude is comfortable talking to Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and anyone else in the dugout at Minute Maid. How cool do you think it is to tell your classmates in high school you work for MLB.com?

Elton John’s tour accountant/road band manager just emailed and said to look for his Twins blog to return shortly. DC Parmet is a diehard Twins fan who wears Twinkie gear on the tour whether in Vienna or London or LA. Feel free to leave him comments and ask what life is like on an Elton tour. He said Captain Fantastic is a fantastic baseball fan, too (Braves).

ClassicYou all are at every corner of the Earth, and Scott Reifert’s latest post in Inside the White Sox bears that out further. MLB President Bob DuPuy’s commenters on Bob’s Classic Chronicles were in Japan, Mexico, Dominican, Korea and basically everywhere the World Baseball Classic was. By the way, those comments left on his blog form one of the pipelines feeding the thinktank for any 2009 modifications, so that’s the place to add your thoughts if you haven’t already.

BaseballGeeks’ latest podcast: 41 minutes, 9 seconds. First MLBlogs podcaster: DA BRONX BOMBERS.

First ballpark-tour MLBLog: Tour of Duty. At least a few others have come along since then, and an MLBlog is the best way to chronicle any kind of multi-park road trip like that.

Most creative use of side panels here: Might be a tie between Bucco Blog and Deep Fried Fish Blog. We don’t want to overlook anyone, though, as there is a lot of imagination out there in using the Six Apart capability at MLBlogs to the fullest. So feel free to leave a comment here with your favorite side panel, most active Typelister, etc.

Know someone famous who should be MLBlogging? Let us know and we’ll help you lasso ’em.

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Thanks, I appreciate it. I look forward to the expansion of the blogosphere!!


It’s a good blog! Will look forward to your posts all season, and will keep spotlighting new blogs in that area on the new MLBlogosphere community blog.


I’m glad you guys created this blog. Very cool.

I noticed I’m listed on the right as a “spotlight blogger.” Thanks! But what did I do to deserve such an honor to be placed along side Tommy Lasorda?


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